Wednesday , March 29 2023

Health Luxor carries out medical caravans on 12 specialties in the Sheikh American division in Cologne


The Health Care Directorate in Luxor, Sheikh's American Medical Branch and Western Luxor, began on Saturday with 12 different disciplines and is expected to last until tomorrow.

Advisor to the Minister of Health of Luxor Dr. Ahmed Abdel Gawad noted the participation of a number of university professors in the work of the medical conveyors at the gubernatorial level in cooperation with the University of Luxor, led by Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Luxor, Dr. Badawi Shakhat Badawi. Acting President of the University.

In addition to plastic surgery for the first time in the medical convoy work, the convoy includes specialties (bones, teeth, obstetrics and gynecology, family planning, dermatology, surgery, ophthalmology, internal medicine, ear, nose and throat, chest, brain and nerves). .

Dr. Abdul Jawad said that it was planned to undergo expertise in various situations, such as Dr. Mona Jouda Magrogbi, Professor of Sophisticated Professor Dr. Sally Ahmed Kamel, Department of Internal Diseases, Dr. Mohammed Atito Hamed, Doctor of Ophthalmology Department and Dr. Mustafa Mustafayev, Department of Nose and Ear, Mohammed Abdullah Abbas, Department of Neurology, Dr. Mohammed Badawi Shakhat, Doctor of Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Mahmoud Mubarak.

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