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Hot drinks with plastic cups. Our hands are feeding


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Many of us use small plastic cups for tea, coffee or other hot and cold drinks and many people use a spoon, knife and plastic grill to cook hot dishes.

Many people require these plastic cups, in particular, to continue to use, despite many warnings and the health of the body and its health, despite its high risk of maladaptation and cancer.

But why someone asked us why plastic cups were used, or why not use glass or metal instead?

However, there are many reasons to stop using plastic cups and other disposable plastic plastic products.

The main reason for such a warning is, of course, the basic structure of plastic cups, bisphenol and polypropylene, industrial chemicals.

These materials have been in plastic production since 1960 and are often involved in the production of food and beverage containers.

This substance is not only harmful to humans, but also to the environment, especially when it is very large and very common.


When using these plastic cups for hot liquids, the heat of the fluids warms plastic cups and, therefore, the materials that work to satisfy the stomach after taking these liquids, such as tea and coffee-like liquids.

In addition, the interaction of chemicals and hot liquids helps to increase the level of obesity, negatively affect the sexuality and prevent cancer.

It also affects the alpha cells responsible for the production of pancreas, so the presence of such chemicals can affect the level of glucose and diabetes in the body. On the Omlet site.

Likewise, plastic cups can be washed for hot water recycling, even for cold drinks.

The results of the test for people who drink hot drinks with plastic cups have shown that they have a high level of bio-phosphorus.

After high pulses in the body, it may be very dangerous for pregnant women and for the semen and may cause breast cancer and may cause pregnancy.

Hot drinks with plastic cups in men can cause malignant neoplasms of the intestine, which reduces the level and number of fetuses, in other words, it leads to infertility in men.

One of the excellent results of drinking with a cup of coffee is to reduce immunity.

According to Wikipedia, human beings may be aggressive and hyperactive.

Finally, drinking these hot drinks is difficult and incomplete, making them an environmental problem.

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