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Immigration Minister returns body of dead pharmaceuticals from Saudi Arabia …



Thursday, November 22, 2018

Books – Osama Abdel Karim:

Egypt's Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister Nabila Macram met with Pharmacist Syndicate and Chairman of the Arab Pharmaceuticals Association, Dr. Mohamed Obadi, to discuss the latest steps in Egyptian pharmacist Ahmad Taha's work in Saudi Arabia.

According to the statement made Thursday, Ambassador Nabila Makram thanked the Pharmacist Syndicate for this event and the royal role of the Egyptian embassy and consulate in Saudi Arabia and said that all interested parties would do their utmost to stop transfer procedures. As Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to this incident and the full assurance of the Saudi court's justice, it is fully payable to pay taxes and financial compensation.

Mohildin Obid, the head of the Pharmacist Syndicate Department, said Saudi Arabia was in constant contact with Egyptian pharmacists to speed up payments and full payment procedures, while Alessandra Jasser Al Jukhrajji, General Manager of Al Nahdi Group, Saudi Arabia, purchased a family dump in the Salah Salem tomb, the company's director has promised to give Egyptian pharmacists a life.

The head of the pharmacist said in his speech that the formation of a defense panel of lawyers and the use of other Saudi Arabian groups in the case, some of which have the dissertations in Saudi Arabia, especially in cases where Ahmad Taha's family is working. All procedures related to payment of rights and compensation, as well as continuation of investigation of the case.

In other words, the Immigration Minister and the Pharmacist have discussed the cooperation tools for supplying the National Committee responsible for the preparation of a database in Egypt with foreign pharmaceutical databases abroad. The Pharmacist Department promises to collect information about 100,000 people in my community Pharmacists and Doctors, into the database and submit it to the Committee as soon as possible.

During the meeting, Ambassador Nabila MacDam discussed the importance of co-operation with the Pharmacist-Syndicate, which initiated awareness-raising campaigns across the Gulf countries and consulted pharmaceutical professionals in specialized agencies in the Persian Gulf to identify drugs forbidden. Updates to the list for the end of the information campaign, if necessary.

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