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Incidents news »November 25. First Session of Bribes Complains Beni Suef Incidents


Under the leadership of the Ombudsman Majidi Abu Ali, the Cassation Court listened to a hearing on November 25 on the death penalty in the so-called "Beni Suef" case of the Bauerzhavanstvo terrorist organization and other people.

Last September, he attended the chaired by adviser Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed at the Institute of Police Secretaries in Fatima, and the secretary of the Beni Seuf criminal case of Ahmed Assem, the Attorney General and Gamal Ahmed Mom, who was part of the consultants Emad Sami and Wael Ahmed Abdullah. Al-Mashhad, a 77-year-old defendant, is accused of burning Baba's police station, real estate mall, and sister school during the violence on August 14, 2013 in a case known as Bani Suaf's case for the death of accused Said Ibrahim. Mohamed Badai Murr has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Muslim Brotherhood and three others.

The defendants were included in the ranks of the "Muslim Brotherhood" and former parliamentarians. Among them are Nihad al-Qasim Abdul Wahab, secretary of the Liberty and Justice Party in the province, Suha Haykal, former members of the Shura Council, Halid Sead Najdi, and former member of the People's Assembly, Abdulrahman Shukri. The accused was convicted of belonging to a group based on illegal, armaments and ammunition and based on the destruction of state property.

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