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It can melt the secret of allergic shock and may paralyze the body for several minutes


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Researchers encourage different immune cells to work together to detect the effects of mice on a small amount of allergens.

The university staff explained The Duke, This can eliminate the sensitivity that threatens the life.

In a new study, researchers analyzed cells under the microscope and found some facts about allergens that interact with others to stimulate histamine production.

The researchers began to exclude the various immune cells in the mice and introduce them with high sensitivity toxins.

After analyzing the mice within half an hour, the mast cells that produce histamine allergens.

However, when researchers have reduced the number of ureteral cells in the mice, the immune system has not been susceptible to excessive sensitivity even when stimulated.

When studying dendritic cells under the microscope, they consist of long branches that enter other cells when looking for allergens.

When these cells recognize allergens, small bubbles that contain information are sent to rotational mast cells.

This technique publishes information about allergens in the environment, and then passes sensitivity to histamine filling in the bloodstream.

But first of all, it is important to determine the process itself and determine how useful the cells actually are.

The study was published in the journal Science.

Allergic reaction occurs when the body detects dangerous substances, such as nuts and oysters, as hazardous substances..

Therefore, there is an immune response to allergens that can cause eye shock and itching.

In rare and severe cases, allergic reaction can lead to increased sensitivity, which can lead to swelling, breathing difficulties and even loss of consciousness..

At present, patients with severe allergies are treated by injection of adrenaline.

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