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Minister of Culture: 24 cultural events were held in akimats this year


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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 5:39 AM
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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 5:39 AM

Minister of Culture Dr. Enas Abdel-Daiem and governor of Al-Qalyubia, Dr. Ala Abdel Halim, together with the Ministry of Higher Education under the motto "Conflict between cultures and youths", opened the first university youth forum, organized by the General Directorate of the Palace of Culture.

In his speech, the Minister emphasized that improving the use of human resources, raising awareness among young people and achieving the work program of the Ministry of Culture at this stage. This state noted that the state would expand the bridge of youth relations and listen to their views. Responsibility.

Dr. Inas Abdul Deyem said that the ministry would search through various programs and sectors to support cultural activities to promote positive values ​​in society and support talented people, access to cultural justice and cultural activities.

The Minister informed that this year 24 cultural forums will be organized in governors and will be distributed to 6 regions of the Ministry of Culture, which praised the young people's enthusiasm during the meetings, which led to the approval of the meeting.

In turn, Kaliubia underlined the importance of culture in the formation of youth and asked young people to play a role in meeting the challenges facing society in investing and investing wealth in the country. Expressing the interest of the youth in the relevant cultural and educational activities, we add to the fact that various cultural events, the struggle against the ideas that our youths want to participate in.

He called on young people from universities to participate in literacy and called for the fight against extremist ideology, dissemination of culture, informatics and national identity. He highlighted the importance of education for the importance of culture and interaction in society.

According to Ahmed Awad, Director General of the Culture, the Authority has emphasized the Ministry's special attention to young people and the Ministry of Culture's intention to adopt programs and activities that meet their needs within the framework of an integrated work program. The Cairo, Ain Shams, Helwan, Banha, Faoum, and Bane Suaf, who have established a partnership between the Commission and the 6 Egyptian Universities, provide excellent opportunities for young people and their country to share their experiences, ideas and attitudes.

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