Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ministers make a decision to establish a Standing High Commission on Human Rights


Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Medbuli issued a decree on the establishment of a permanent Human Rights Committee to lead the Human Rights Mechanism and to respond to allegations against human rights in Egypt.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its representatives, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Social Affairs, Justice, House of Representatives and the Ministry of the Interior, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Administrative Supervisory Council, the National Council on Women's Rights, the National Council for the Protection of Childhood and Motherhood and Childhood – public information and public prosecution services on disability issues, if they are good or equivalent.

The Committee continues to pursue a plan of action to promote and encourage human rights and fundamental freedoms, with a number of objectives, including the establishment of a single Egyptian viewpoint at international and regional fora, including a national human rights strategy and action plans developed by the concerned authorities .

The Committee will also be responsible for the implementation of international obligations arising from the provisions of the relevant Conventions and Protocols of Egypt, by providing the necessary legislative measures and procedures and proceeding from measures taken to implement them, as well as overseeing international human rights issues in Egypt, distribution and dissemination.

The Committee also has the authority to prepare and submit to the United Nations Human Rights Council a Phase I review of the submission of the Egyptian file submitted at the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism and the periodic review of the Submissions of the Presently Accepted Recommendations.

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