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News about the disaster Information on the last hour in the life of a person who suffered from archaeological excavations Sheikh Zayed


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From the Seventh-day website on Monday, November 12, 2018.

After the death of his friend, Sheikh Zaid acknowledged that the deceased had used the car owner and his deceased friend to dig off the ruins of his own apartment. From the excavations, crushed large quantities of sand and killed him.

The suspect said that after confirming his friend's death, Sheikh Zaid had been attacked to report to the police station about the incident, and the owner of the apartment refused to dig for an ancient era and ordered the suspect to be kept in custody for four days.

At the same time, October 6, the body responsible for the body's disposal coordinated the boiler to a specialized company to restore the body from the bottom of the sand.

Shrieh Zaid's Chief of Police, General Amr Hafes, said the brigade had killed one person in the house..

Investigators went to the scene to investigate, according to the head of the Sheik Zayed Police Investigation Department, Samah Badawi, who died in the ruined house and died.

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