Tuesday , August 16 2022

Orange and Cisco SD-WAN collaborate on offering new network solutions


Today, the Integrated Communications Company Orn Egypt has presented small, medium and large companies a series of leading solutions to help with digital transformation with Cisco.

2018 A new Orange solution offering digital transformation to consumers using regional and global revenue with award-winning SD-WAN products for WCA Corporate Service, along with a long-term partnership with Cisco, provides networking services for providing SD-WAN services in Egypt.

The launch of new solutions extends the portfolio of the Egyptian business services and products, which includes SD-WAN, which provides a true business-wide view to its customers.

These solutions allow companies to effectively improve data traffic and bandwidth performance to meet business requirements and achieve a high level of balance between productivity, ease of operations and cost reduction.

SD-WAN will help you build up-to-date data network, which will greatly increase the amount of data available on your corporate network and improve future online presence. SD-WAN manages hybrid networks Optimizing connections for the best possible capabilities with minimal costs, by combining existing technologies that are used to access the Internet, such as MPLS and DSL technology, and also supports the ideal productivity and security required for critical applications.

ORN The Egyptian SD-WAN network offers alternative solutions for conventional traditional network devices, such as traditional routers, replacing them with modern devices with the capability to combine network connectivity capabilities and optimally use data for balanced data use to maximize the capabilities of accelerating network management processes for companies and network capability using VPN technology to ensure data security and reduced load the ability to type quickly and easily add the necessary resources to increase the supply. perfectly translated and close to the edge of the line as a data dumping line.

Vice President of Orange Business Majdi Jabra said: "We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Cisco. This cooperation depends on the need for new technologies such as cloud technology, IP technology and IP technology. This will allow them to provide SD-WAN technology with digital convergence and speed to meet business and customer needs. "

Laurent Degri, Cisco's EMAR Global Service Director, says: "Cisco is testing the Ornge as a partner for SD-WAN solutions with the SD-WAN solution to address current issues. In Egypt, ".

"Our commitment is shared, and each of us aims to provide Egyptian companies with the opportunity to work effectively using the flexible capabilities offered by SD-WAN and to benefit fully from the cloud, mobility and other transformation technologies."

Orange Egypt provides its customers with many advantages and unparalleled services, such as the ability to gain full customer trust and avoid potential risks in digital transformation, as well as to minimize the risk of digital switching and SD-WAN to all customers.

SD-WAN allows consumers to monitor digital services only when needed, and the customer can activate the service within one minute, and Ornge also provides its customer with a portal to monitor and manage the network. Productivity and users.

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