Friday , October 7 2022

Pitcairn is ten years after birth


Now the first impressions of the month have passed
Let's look at the linearly-coded "Betuken" networks for decades
The arrival, the beginning and the history of the digital currency caused a great explosion and a great breakthrough and controversy
Still rushing.

From the global financial crisis After the collapse of the world in 2008 and after the fall
The financial sector has grown considerably, and that the fall of capitalism may be a concern,
The Satoshi Nakamoto Group has developed an idea based on the "Cashier System".
The White Piper is called "Pictikin" and then directed to the developers' group
Creating the first non-central currency.

The goal
We quickly and safely remove the role of a trusted bank (third party)
The network that completed the process came to the end of this process and then the sticker
"Digital Encrypted".

Certainly, the digital currency was successful
Daily access to a wide range of tracks, especially with maximum security, is not the case
Being a daily payment instrument, it may turn into a central currency, but no doubt
It's a new element of risk sharing, and we have invested in the allocation of wealth
Preserving their wealth in the form of gold bars in the form of real estate or any of them
Deviations in the Currencies, and from that moment on, I encrypted the digital currency
Its place as one of the components of this diversity in the portfolio of investors.

So come back to the most important thing the investor has to do
New curve currencies in an investment portfolio are a security element.

Two basic points, called currency

Secure investors' trades and capital and provide mechanisms for their early ownership
Time, and in a safe way, such as a stock exchange
Gate.ioIt is characterized by being one of the digital currency exchanges
At present, he is investing in the development of his clients' base, and now he has more than 2 million
Daily trading volumes are up to $ 1 million a day. More than a dollar, it comes in the top 10 shopping carts
Market Values ​​in the World.

The Stock Exchange provides insurance for clients' funds
It is the key priority that is expressed in offering its own digital portfolio,
Wallet.ioIs closely linked to providing a sophisticated and flexible operating environment for the user base.
This, of course, requires continuous work on infrastructure improvement
Safety, flexibility and ease of use.

Trust and confidence in a company and platform that agrees with investors
Due to the company's credibility and global recognition, availability of headquarters may be on the ground
Investors use it to learn more about the company's effectiveness and its administrative structure and mechanisms
Prepare an encrypted currency exchange with your own work
Coinbase An example
In July, the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved
SEC) And the financial sector regulatory body
FINRA) Introduction of digital currencies
Securities, Bloomberg reports.

Can we replace the traditional currency with a digital one?
Coming soon:

It is a fact that we do not use paper currency
As previously, we have replaced it by cash
Smartphones allow most transactions, but current payment systems
It is not a new phenomenon, it has been working for many years.

And with the appearance Beatzina The subsequent currencies became widespread and popular
In many circles See also
There it is Five important and mandatory features
To enable digital currency to become an effective means of payment:

Sustainability: You need to be an effective form of payment
People should evaluate goods in an enterprise without understanding. This requires maximum exchange rate and balance stability
Demand and supply.

Zoom: Digital currency should guarantee transactions
Uninterrupted daily accounts are against the growth of users.

Ease of use: You need to get the procedure
Currencies are encrypted, saved and disposed of as simple as possible.

Expanding: The use of money is completely related
Network. Practical application, then ciphered currencies will directly depend on the popularity.

Incentive Expenses: The main motivation to earn a living by now
Encrypted digital currency is an investment interest for future asset growth. For payment
Encouraged to spend coded currency values, but not hold or retain them

The main idea is Currency is encrypted Until 2018 it did not seem to be significant
This is a cash register and appears as an investment asset and has the same status as gold
Hedgehog But with the improvement of the economic situation in 2018, this was the biggest impact of the optimal situation
Generally speaking, gold and coded currencies throughout the year have shown a negative result.

Despite the decline in digital currencies in the figures
This year, some celebration days before celebrating the tenth anniversary, When publishing the company
For financial services, he opened an encrypted currency trading service
For large-scale companies and investors, large companies generally tend to be neutral
This is a very positive step.

Finally, despite the risks to coded currencies
However, some regulators and regulators are currently working to provide security considerations
Encouraging Encrypted and Blockbuster Currencies Support.

Encrypted digital currencies do not disappear, but they are
Some have called them "futures currencies," that is, they take the lead,
But in the future it may be close to our perception, and when we replace traditional money basket,
The money box on your cell phone allows us to do our daily work, no
An encrypted currency portfolio does not have to be in the foreseeable future.

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