Friday , June 9 2023

Salah's sculpture is full of irony waves in England


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Image of the Egyptian star of the Liverpool team, an Egyptian star, Mohammed Salah When the organizers of the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh attended the dialogue, more than 5,000 young men and women from 160 countries began waves of violent attacks, Sculpture sculptures called "Maya sculptor" It was dedicated to a young sculptor.

The English Daily Mail Daily quoted the Egyptian pharaoh as a widespread fraud among social network activists in England. The paper compares sculptures made in Portugal this year by Mohamed Salah and Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo, where he has always been criticized and described as "distorted".

The sculpture was not surprising by many, and their abundance was so shocking for Salah's shape and size. Portuguese sculptor Emmanuel Santo Cristiano Ronaldo sculptures sculpture and placed it at Madera airport in Don's March. At that time, social networking sites were full of shame and disgrace for the designs that were considered "distorted", as activists have said, that it is like the statue of Mohammed Salah, not like Ronaldo.

"This sculpture is very scary," says one Twitter activist, explaining the figure of "Salah," "This sculpture is like all other than prayer." Another said: "It's Ronaldo's story with Salah. Sculptures are distorted. " "When the metallic sculpture reaches the statue, why does the body have an 8-year-old body?" One of the fanatics says: "Harry Potter and Marf are the only man in the house."

"I was not surprised," said Mr Abdullah, a plastic artist and "Mohammed Salah" statue by a Facebook social network at the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh. "I worked in Ala Ali and Maksim, and our Lord's will – this sculpture looks from the other side and does not completely regret it. " He explained the idea of ​​the statue of Maine and how he came to Sharm el Sheikh, and was not created for this forum: "When I started sculpturing, I dedicated it to a youth forum. Not for the exhibition, I was not competent, and then learned to learn talent and learn how to learn simple moments. "He did not want to create a fabulous design or fairy-tale idea from the very beginning, but he wanted to help disabled people to start a sculpture process," he explained. "It was just an example of explaining it.

He explained: "As I was taking the daily steps, I quickly got rid of it." This idea has been criticized as a professional secret from the very beginning, but has demanded the benefit of beginners. Talking about the sculpture of the forum, Macy: "I decided to finish this forum. I came to white gypsum stage, but officials in the forum asked for a bronze statue, which requires a lot of time "I found the last day before the sculpture forum.

I can not talk about Mukhtar Moslem and their work because they are in the Sarvin forum and because of it. " Although Macy did not make a decision at his exhibition, he was satisfied, but in the end he said: "I do not regret being zealous or persecuted, because I have done God and the Father. "he says.

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