Thursday , October 21 2021

Specifically – negotiate with a foreign actress and start filming at this time on the movie "The Thief of Baghdad"


Specifically, when we talk to a foreign actress on the movie "The Thief of Baghdad" and at the same time knocking out a knight line, we refer to the art as we are holding talks with a foreign actress on "The Thief in Baghdad". "The Throne of Baghdad", and we started shooting at this time, and today we have to publish our news through the knights network and start with the news, especially with the foreign actress on the film "The Thief of Baghdad."

The Al-Forsan Line The artist begins filming in the film "The Thief in Baghdad", which plays the role of Imam Yammin Nasir, the painter Mohamed Adel.

After Mohamed Adel showed that actress Jasmine would be a hero of the new film, she returned to prove her presence in Egypt for the first time. filmmaker knows that he is currently negotiating with a foreign actress who is surprised and accepted by the worker and will be announced this week if the agreement is successful, the agreement will see the first work in Egypt.

Mohammed Adel Imam and Yasmin plan to start filming the first scenes next week.

The actress Yasmin Nasser Mohammed al-Imam's "The Thief of Baghdad" congratulated him, thanked him for working and congratulated him on the film.

– Yasmin raeis (@yasminraeis)

Mohammed Adel Imam, Jasmine's President, Mohammed Abdel Rahman and Fatih Abdel Wahab continue to play the role of the movie "The Thief Threatened" by Ahmed Khaled Musa, who continued his work.

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