Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Greek director Pause: I used the psychologist to write the hero's evolution


The film's director, Tony Mezalli, made her debut on Vimline's short-length movie, showing her the story of a film she had met in her normal life.

The actress, Stella Firugini, said the film was part of the international competition at the International Film Festival in Cairo: "Delegation is the most important thing". He had previously participated in 12 short films, but for 26 years it was easier to produce theater than the movie theater in Cyprus.

Director Tony pointed out that her husband had raised the issue of her husband and that society had to change.

Stella said that the main character of the movie was an example for the woman around her, and even my mother was suffering.

The director of the film showed the film's preparation and saw a great debate between her personal and heroes of work, and gave the actress a lot of freedom to feel your role.
The director's director has shown that he has a lot of problems with filmmaking in his country, so he chose to think a little about the box, and decided to release a movie within the "location".

Given that Egypt does not know whether this value is high or not, it is one of the main characters who will pay 70% of the support received for the film from 300,000 to 200,000 euros.

She noted that she was trying to write a script for 6 months and used a psychiatrist to help her develop her own development.

As for linking fantasy and truth, he pointed out that he was intended to unite the audience with a symbol, although in all this scenario there was a problem with the shoot, as they had to shoot again several times.

The Greek movie is a "break" about a housewife who suffers from a stressful marriage, along with a person who does not feel emotionally and in need. His mind begins to recover, because he looks at his bride who does not feel his tender desire, body, and love.

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