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The Minister of Health visits the victims of Sheikh Zayed Hospital's Minya accident


Asma Soror

3 November 2018, Saturday, 21:54
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3 November 2018, Saturday, 21:54

Health Minister Dr. Hala Zayed said that the health status of the victims of the Minya terrorist incident continues to improve and is expected to recover in the next few periods.

This came on Saturday night during his visit to the Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital to inspect all victims of the Minya incident.

The Minister of Health has confirmed that family members and their families receive full medical and psychological care. Ahmed Okasha, a professor and expert in psychiatry, for supervising psychologists providing psychological support, who responded immediately to "Okasha" and confirmed that he was happy to fulfill this mandate and national engagement.

The health minister was headed yesterday, a head of a psychiatric group Dr. Muna Abdel Maqsoud, Secretary General of Mental Health, to provide psychological support to the injured and their families, confirming the continuation of psychological support after leaving the hospital at their place of residence.

The minister pointed out that critical cases are under the patronage of the Supreme and are constantly improving, pointing out that the hospital physician has performed many successful surgical operations where the minister thanked them for their efforts, stressing that all support was provided to the injured.

The health minister met with the head of the Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, Hazem al-Fil, and the wounded medical team and received all medical care.

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