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The most severe physical pain, which can be affected – the location of the Al Manar channel – Lebanon


The British National Health Service has published a list of 20 health states that have the most severe pain in the renal stem from cluster headaches. Some of these diseases can not be cured, and other illnesses can be alleviated by medical care and psychosocial support.
Some of these situations can cause suffering and depression, disrupt the way you live, cause pain and disability, and sometimes interfere with your everyday tasks.

Cluster Headaches Syndrome is a painful side upsetting on one side of the head, and the patient often experiences pain in the eyes. According to the CPR, despite the illness of many people, many do not know about it and, as the organization says, they meet each other and suffer from isolated diseases.

– Trigeminal: This disease is also known as herpes zoster, around nerve and skin inflammation, which usually affects a certain area on one side of the body. The main symptoms of this condition are acne rash that leads to the formation of scars containing viral particles.

Neuropathy in this area causes severe pain. Circumcision may be at any age, but it is common among people over 70 years of age. They are often found in children.
– Shoulder force: shoulder stiffness indicates that you will suffer from pain in your neck or neck for years. According to the British National Health Organization, this suggests that consolidation can be so narrow and severe that it is impossible to make simple movements, such as lifting hands, which means that everyday activities will be extremely difficult.

It is not clear that the spine can cause stiffness, but may be caused by a needle or an arm injury when suffering from diabetes.

Bone fractures are very severe, especially when you are trying to move, the wounds themselves heal, but they need to be adjusted to ensure that they are correct. The general rule is that it should take a long time after the fracture.

The most serious illness is heart attack, cartilage slide, urea cell disease, arthritis, migraine, kidney stones, appendicitis, third nerve inflammation, endometriosis, syatics, patients, acute pancreatitis.

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