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Tram roof students in the evening (PHOTO)


"We invite each of us to study in talented and talented student Yusuf Yusef Mohammad, as he is a student of his own, and also works to help his father," says Ahmed Dessouhi, director of Ahmed Ibragim Primary School, in the morning radio on the school radio. and found that he was selling a daily throne of church street to help him live with his family.

School Director Masri al-Hume said: "I was surprised to be in the church street in Beijing: the student took tray and cigarettes, sold the thermos to the passengers, and the shop owners were proud of her talent and skill, and when he approached, the trams welcomed me."

He added: "Yusuf is a hardworking and attentive school student who works after school and does not tell anyone about it, the best way to compensate is for all students to be proud and stand in line with their colleagues.

Respect the student who sells the thermos to help the family

The school principal decided that the pupil of the school would provide everyday subsistence allowance for the costs of studying Joseph, as well as the costs of enhanced classes and what he or she would like to receive from the school cafeteria.

Joseph sells a small Chinese sheep on the Church Street and sells thermos, salesman Thomson, sellers for 3 pounds, and sometimes sells to sellers who shop on the streets.

"I sell my thermos for two years because I was not in the second class, so my father and I can spend on the household as my father's income is not enough.

Respect the student who sells the thermos to help the family

"I go to school every day as I attend special classes at school, because my own classes are not enough, when my mom returns home, my mom works like a thermos, prepares a few work places and dishes, transports us from Dickerson to our village and works there until 17:00 did it. After a night and then I go home and give my money to my mother, and then I wake up the second day to go from school to work. "

He says: "Farhan Alashan attaches great care to my family and Caman to all my lessons and I hope to become a great doctor and celebrity for free treatment, because Bacon watches my mom or dad's patients. Merdorosh Dr. Alashan Mawish is visiting Floss, so I'm grateful to God every year before I finish my work. "

Respect the student who sells the thermos to help the family

"It is difficult for us to live because we are difficult and simple, and it helps us to live, because she is our only son and we feel it, and she is high in her studies, because I always want to say that she has had an impact on her most important needs.

She says: "I'm a housewife and my husband can not find a lot of work, and we have no income, but Joseph and his father, Palomeym, have their responsibilities before teachers, Yousuf Khair and Boh Coises, to thank God and learn to sell thermos. .

Respect the student who sells the thermos to help the family

The story of the kid-in-law Yusuf is a student of a high school. In the evening, "Trames of Trams" (pictures)). The Egyptian 24 engine is moving and its source (Egyptian today) does not necessarily reflect. The site is not just about the release policy but also the news and health of the Egyptian original publisher today.

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