Tuesday , August 16 2022

Vitamin D Deficiency Influence on Organisms and How to Compensate


Vitamin D is an important vitamin for body and bone health. When it is exposed to physical deficiency, it causes many problems and symptoms, especially when it comes to calcium in the body, and the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in the portal.

Influence of vitamin D deficiency on an organism:

Alzheimer's disease is reduced twice, and the body needs vitamins.

Failure is an additional risk of women's health, as it increases the risk of breast cancer and increases the risk of cancer deaths.

Diabetes mellitus, any increase in blood vitamins reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Problems of the lungs

Problems of pain in bones and joints

A toothache

Hair loss

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Foodstuffs Vitamin D provides:

Salmon and Sardines


Dairy products


The skin of the person directly affects the sun, not directly on the glass.

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