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We are in Egypt's "qualifying match"

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Tunisian coach: We will see Egypt's "qualifying match" at Massage Square, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Tunisian coach: We will consider Egypt's qualifying match

In the area Published 14 – 11 – 2018

Tunisian coach Murat Al-Okbi raised his flags in the fifth round of the FIFA Round of 16 Africa Cup qualifiers in Cameroon before the match.
"We are paying particular attention to the Egyptian team, which continues to prove our superiority to our players and to be at the top of the Arab and African rankings at the world level," said Al-Ukbee GCS in Egypt.
"Despite the candidacy of candidates, we consider it as a match and the truth of our right to rise."
"Taking responsibility for the team with Maher al-Kanzari is a very special decision, and we have completed the team's completion until the first person".
He said: "The main reason for relying on national technique – Nabil Malaul was sent to the 2018 World Cup, and then Fawzi Benzarti worked for a while and Tolina assumed responsibility after him and only Roger Lemer and Henry Casperzak could not reach our team."
Abeer and Maher Al-Ajbi's coach, Moulin Al-Shabani, became coaches of Al-Thaghi as technical trainer and even came to the French coach Ehli in a great competition in the final Champions League in Africa.
He hopes to continue to give most of the Tunisian football achievements and local talents that are available to local coaches.
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