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We are not in coffee. Problem


Art: The painter Mohammed Sobhi wrote about Ashraf Abdel, the artist, about the creation of a group of artists and theater artists.

On Saturday evening, Mohammed Sobhi took part in the "Daily Day" program on the ONE TV channel and discussed several themes related to the theater, including the artist Ashraf Abdel Bakhi's experience with the Egyptian theater.

Ashraf Abdel confirmed that he was the first person to congratulate Bakhi when she was in her first choice and when she was in trouble, she said: "You are not ashamed to be sketching on the stage." But it is a shame that you can not control them. Coffee ".

Sobhi said in an interview with the public that many artists who had starred on the stage and reached 277 artists.

Sobhi also pointed out that the Arab representative Ashraf Abdel opposed the Baki theater as "Egyptian Theater" to prove that it was not the only facade in Egypt.

And it's not just entertainment in the real art, but many artists want to stay in their own home to make their home and work unfavorable for the people.

Mohammed Sobhi recently performed his most famous plays, writing "Hybt", writing and directing, which he played with his theater groups, by the outstanding artist Samira Abdel Aziz.

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