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Which is better for sweating: sugar or honey?


Which is better for sweating: sugar or honey?

Some people like tea or coffee with little sugar or even sweetening, and when you do not add sugar it does not have much taste. But because of overweight, how much do you know about the method of healthy descrambling, fearing a growing diabetes mellitus? Sugar or Honey?

The blood glucose index is 58 and the honey index is between 30-58

The first comparison: the number of calories, the honey spoon and the sugar spoon are much more than that.

But another important element is the glycemic index, which determines how high the sugar level is. In this regard, the sugar index is above 58, the sugar index is from 30 to 58.

Nutritious diet helps to prevent diabetes and reduce relapse.

The third element of the comparison between sugar and honey is nutritious substances and there are many honey and many vitamins and antibiotics. Honey, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, B9, niacin and riboflavin. Sugar supplies only energy, even without the presence of vitamins or minerals.

In general, descaling and sugars should be reduced as they are inflammatory in the body.

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