Monday , January 30 2023

87 million festive events "Venom" are different


During the second weekend at the Chinese cinema "VENOM" 87 million won. This was almost twice as high as the "Fantasy Beasts: Grindlewald's Crimes" in the Middle Kingdom.

According to online theater tickets offered by Artisan Gateway, the Asian theater consultant, Wenom has reached $ 87.2 million, down 14 percent. Its 10-day cumulative price is $ 187 million.

This is the second time in the weekend through Superhero Cinema in China. Cinematographic and Cinematographic Breakthrough "Venom" Cinema in China filmed 210 million Americans in North America.

For comparison, "Grindallwald" has only 34.8 million. The second place was in the US dollars. About $ 4.5 million came from 557 IMAX playgrounds.

The numbers are much lower than the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find It." He went on sale in China in 2016 and went on the first weekend of $ 40.8 million and earned $ 86.0 million.

"Wenom" and "Grindallwald" were similar Friday's similarities, compared with about 105,000 screenings for "Venn", compared to about 125,000 performance, with the "Grindallwald" high screen. But Saturday is the name of the exhibitor's loyalty and resources holder.

According to Artisan Gateway, this weekend, the cumulative cassette for all movies was $ 146 million. This is an annual net profit of 7.45 billion US dollars. US dollars, which is 9.7% to 2017.

The third place on this weekend is owned by the Chinese company Cool Fish, which is worth $ 8.9 million. The fourth place was taken by Japan's Conan: Zero Enforcer, whose second weekend was worth $ 5.1 million. Ten days after its release, it has a fortune of $ 15.8 million.

China's "Last Letter" film has dropped from fourth to fifth in the novel of Zhou Hong, but it was a great one. On his second weekend, he earned $ 4.5 million.

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