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A mysterious death on Portland Street will take place 30 years later


As a teenager, Nkenga Harmon Johnson sees the MAX train or bus in the center of Portland and does not intend to cut Pioneer Courthouse Square.

It was the end of the 1980s or late 90s. See Harmon Johnson.

"I and my friends were not safe," says Harmon Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Portland City League. "The Aionians on the pioneer square were conducting the Neo-Nazi skinheads trial. They were hungry, smoked, and talked.

Some decades later, some African-Americans still do not feel safe in the city center.

Harmon Johnson remembers the last message he read in his email list. She agreed that day and other black people warn, because Proud Boys walked the streets. The weapons proclaimed by Western bravest chauvinists have been known for their violence.

Harmon Johnson is a group of activists, community leaders, and politicians who are thinking of how Oregon is developing, as Mulluzeta Serau was murdered 30 years ago on Tuesday.

On November 13, 1988, a 28-year-old Ethiopian palace, surrounded by three skinheads with a peaceful balloon, is surrounded by South-East Portland Street.

Harmon Johnson's Portland City League holds a conference this week at Portland State University, focusing on the death of Serau and the future of Oregon. The theme of the conference – "Remember. Learn. Change. «


What has changed? "The day in the calendar," said Harmon Johnson.

Cruelty raises many people. He was an immigrant who fled his country from violence. He came here to get college education and lived with an American dream when he was attacked without any reason why Neo-Nazis did not like it.

People were also amazed at people – "people could not explain it," said Harmon Johnson.

However, according to Harmon Johnson, it is not surprising that Blackland's reality, which he knows through repetitive experiments with racial aggression.

Last year Harmon Johnson was again beaten by white people and police said Jeremy Kristian killed two people on his neck and killed one-third of the MAX train. Christians fought with racism and xenophobia triad in two African American teenagers.

"People:" Oh, I saw it. Portland did not like this – not a favorite, progressive Portland, "said Harmon Johnson. "We (we) say …" How could this happen to Portland? "We know this because supremacists are also allowed to walk freely, which is absolutely inappropriate."

Harmon Johnson, for example, argued that the Portland Police Department had not arrested a Christian at night before the Christian assault. An African woman tells her that she sells hate for the elderly, Jews and Muslims, killing her and placing a plastic bottle filled up in Hato. Police officers responded to the Rose-Quartz MAX station but went to Christianity. Later, the police confirmed that she had identified her as a forward-looking attacker.

Police said he was not. Harmonon Johnson has demonstrated the practice of maintaining the list of suspected bandits and affiliates with two decades of experience in the Portland Police Bureau. According to the Oregon / OregonLive survey, in 2016, 81 per cent of the 359 people were racial or ethnic minorities. The Bureau removed the public list last year, but later the auditor detained the second list of suspected members of the group.

According to Harmonon Johnson, young people who think that police are in the group are unfair to minorities, but they pay little attention to white gangs that have ties to white colonies.

It also applies to the federal authorities who ignore white domes in the creation of terrorist lists. The New York Times reported this month that the 2001 anti-terrorism strategy of the federal government, not only Islamic militants but also high-ranking individuals and members of far-right law, has killed more than a dozen people since September 11, 2001, when Islamist or other domestic extremists than

"White supremacists are terrorists," said Harmon Johnson.


23-year-old Keno Maske was sentenced to death for his assassination and died in 2011 at the age of 45. Member of the Communist Party Kyle H. Bruce worked for more than 13 years before releasing him in 2002, and over the course of more than ten years in 1999, he left Stephen R.

He was never prosecuted, but the fourth person, Tom Metzger, was forced to pay for the role of the civilian jury in the Multnomah County Circuit Court, which he later identified. Metzger founded the White Aryan Resistance Group in California.

The jury awarded the Seraw family with $ 12.5 million. Determined that Metzger was responsible for the death of Serau, he was responsible for sending Portland to the East Side White Pride, a local magic branch instructor. The Metzger Metzger called on all three members to open up to violence against aristocracy.

The family eventually issued a verdict – after Metzger was forced to sell his home in southern California, creating a Metsger racist organization, Sera was enough to provide her son with his 10-year-old son. One of Sarawak's civil lawyers, James McElro, has adopted a son. Today, Sarau is a great commercial airline pilot.

One of the lawyers representing Seref's family said that Elden saw Rosenthal, Metzger and his white nationalist views as peripheral and rare.

"I just thought it was a small group of people," says Rosenthal, who lost his family to the Holocaust. "Now we know that he is the peak of the iceberg."

Rosenthal said President Donald Trump promoted rising racism. Trap has been criticized for Latin Americanism, its administration's warning of ban on Muslims. It calls the caravan a "attack" for immigrants and holds a "wall-building" rally.

"These same messages," said Rosenthal.

Rosenthal has recently re-readed Mitchell's indictments during civil proceedings in 1990. According to him, according to Metzger, the jury is engaged in the words of Trump and its supporters.

Metzger dwelled around the "good little" California as "destructed" by the Mexican people. Metzger says he has changed for America's deterioration. Metzger also expressed concern about the situation of Americans in the working class – and many people say they are just as good, as Rosenthal said.

"There are white people in the country," Metzger said. "They are leaving the net. They will be poor, poor and poor. They do not like what's going on in this country. "

Taking into account the political successes of the Thing, Rosenthal admitted that such nationalist views were part of the main segment of society.

Rosenthal, a lawyer working in Portland, says, "These are probably provocative, portland portions, as people like it and we do not ignore it."

"It may well be that this is happening here and it does not bring our children up and running," he said. "It always breaks the civilization in a civilized civilization and always experiences it."


Randy Blazak has studied the past three decades of hate speech and is the chairman of the Oregon anti-hate coalition. In the case of Rosenthal's vigilance, Blazak is a white state in white.

The first community members want more, "says Blaizak. After Jeremy Kristian's capture, people talked about love and racial harmony at Hollywood's MAX station, and the candlelight was a mood.

"The whole community has appeared," says Blazak. "It is important for the two reasons: It may not be like you or we do not have a prayer with you, but we will live with you." Also, he could "look like a criminal" if you are not with him!

This assistance has also appeared in rural areas, in conservative corners of the state, "says Blaizak.

He showed John's day in 2010, and the sons of Arian wanted to buy property for a new national headquarters. The idea of ​​the Arian people was dropped, and hundreds of residents protested in the city hall.

"It was a great inspiration," Blazakov said.

Portland police officers and LGBTQ employees worked with the police to raise awareness, and prosecutors developed plans and trainings to increase responsibility for their race, gender identity, religion, or other people. he said.

State legislators adopted the government's first "intimidation" law in 1980.

"Some of them try to send a message," Blazakov said.

In 2017, the white man tells the African-American that he is in a "wrong neighborhood" in northeastern Portland and tries to pitbull him. In February, the White Man threatened with a second degree and was sentenced to 16 days in prison.

Last year, the Portland driver asked the pregnant Muslim woman to remove the hijab and then shot her and her husband, holding her fingers and arms. Fredrik Sorrell was convicted for second-degree assault in August. She was instructed to conduct a lively discussion with the members of the Muslim community of Portland and discuss it with meaningful discussion.

"We will not allow anyone to attack in any of the protected classes and if we can persecute them," said Brent Weisberg, representative of the prosecutor's office in Multnomah County.

"We always want individuals to address law enforcement agencies when they think they are victims of an assault," Weisberg said. "This is a priority for our office".

Harmon Johnson of the City League said that such persecutions that threaten the hated but not harmful to others is a rule, not an exception. In many cases, the reports fall, and people do not go to the police when they are killed.

He characterized the employee of the Urban League with a person who broke the racial intentions and threatened with a knife. But when an employee called a police officer, officers could not conduct an investigation, "said Harmon Johnson.

"These people are frustrated because they are frustrated," said Harmon Johnson. "Many people do not talk about it because they think that their police do nothing about it."

However, Blazak thinks Seraw has made considerable progress since his death.

"All these reasons need to be questioned," says Blazak. "There are many institutional racisms."

White, Blazak spent his childhood in Georgia in 1970, up to the northwest as an adult.

"I grew up in a city where the police and clans were identical," said Blaise. – But what I've seen in my life encouraged me.

Memorable actions

On Tuesday, November 13, Mulugeta Zoura has been a 30-year-old baseball bomber in South East Portland with racist skinheads. The anniversary celebrates the Society in various ways:

* Portland City League sponsors the Mulugeta Seraw Memorial Conference from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday. Click here to sign up.

* On Wednesday, at 8.50 am, "Markers" will be opened at the intersection of Southeast 31th Avenue and Pine Street, where Serau was killed. "Sauces" are added to the street signs in the immediate area and show the name and the name of the Sura.

Wednesday, February 2: The Portland City Council will be pleased to announce a Memorable Reminder.

– Ahi Green

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