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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Reflective Fernando Alonso recalls his biggest achievement


The best sport, especially among its giants, is often respected. That afternoon, Fernando Alonso and his ex-sparring partner, Lewis Hamilton, were among the many.

Two of them were in between 2019, together with George Russell and Lando Norris, and the mood was moody because the epoch was complete and humorous.

Alonso failed to hinder his deliberate choice of one of his best memories because he asked to share his opinion: "June 2007 with Lewis!"

"But you know," he said, "much more serious" than what I did in Formula 1 at this time – it's a lot more serious – it's my job and half my life – I'm 37 years old and I've been here for 17 years – who made a difference. I worked with many talented engineers, designers, drivers and the media, and saw a lot. This is the best thing to remember. How about discipline, philosophy, competition, discipline? At WEC (World Indo-Roman Championship), you consider Formula-1 as a step above the advanced level.

And will he never know it?

"Maybe some of them were great, and in 2012, the highest was Valencia."

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso Recalling their 2007 competition McLaren (EPA)

Alonso Ferrari, from the 11th position, has struggled to move forward with some remarkable strategies and strong moves, and the Red Bull, a leading retailer of Sebastian Wetland, has been hit by an alternative.

"Normally, you can never win this race if you repeat 100 times. It was a great strategy, a good attack, and a good example of many threats. The car was not fantastic, and we did not qualify for the third quarter after qualification. We did not dominate, but we could not win. Perhaps this race was my best ".

Interestingly, when leaving Hamilton, Alonso recognized Michael Schumacher as "the best opponent".

Fernando Alonso In 2012, his biggest race in Valencia (Getty)

"It's hard to pick one, but I have to say Michael. When I came to Formula 1, Mikhail was in charge of sports, and I saw that I won.

"My first fight was with Mines, and Paul Stoddard was bankrupted until he rescued him. When I first came out of Melbourne, in 2001, when I first got out of the hole, at the end of the hole there was a queue of cars, and when I could not activate neutrality, I fell into them. When I was in Renault, with Mikhail, to find the wheels on the wheel; this battle was good! «

And Hamilton was good for his hardest rival.

"I do not recall the fact that in 2007 I personally put a question on Fernando," he said. "How the team works and how things are going well with us. We have never had any problem except to try to beat each other. It was very harmonious. Now, if we are the elderly, the respect is high, I hope to see Fernando in the future, and wish him the best of his future. "

Fernando Alonso on weekends in Abu Dhabi (Getty)

Alonso confessed again that he was speaking in the language, and the most salient thing was the press conference: "I do not drive cars. Whether you are fighting for the 14th, Fifth or Victory or the podium, which is an extra measure – these are very special cars. Their technology is often difficult. But other aspects were negative: you have no friends, no family, no leisure time, no personal life, no children … «

And if he could get into a more competitive car, he did not rule out the possibility of a return.

"Right now, I think the door is closed. I did it all my life, and in May or July next year, I lost hope and returned to my office. This may not be due to any reason, but I feel in the middle of the following season.

"I like Formula 1 and she always loves it, whether it's Daddy or the FIA's head, I always feel that way."

Alonso Continues his career with F1 WEC and IndyCar (PA)

It is difficult to identify the heritage of the large Spanish leaf, but it tries to help young drivers who want to make a choice, and try to help their dreams and talents, and in 2003, the number of his compatriots and his astrologers did not come out of the TV when he won his first Grand Prix.

"I'm proud of how the Asturians affected F1, and I'm a great achievement over these two World Championships," he said. "About changing people's lives and introducing one-man sports. This will surpass any trophy.

Later, Max Verstaben himself and Esteban Okkon were the last to speak of Brazilian GP. after the victories he won.

"It's not really because I'm sorry, and I've got a different answer," says the Dutchman. "When we all emotionally and unluckily win, I think I'm really calm. It was a lot worse.

"And what do you expect me to do?" Does he say 'thank you very much' to shaking hands and "first to be second in place"? I think this is normal.

"You do not hear what children say in the scales, you push me. But if you understand your story, you will see it a bit differently. He told me something he could not hear. It does not matter what happens at the end of the day, because it has erased me.

Verstappen He was very angry for the damage Esteban Ocon In Brazil (Getty)

"It's easy to say to other people, you've done something else." If you hit such a hit, I do not understand what to do with others.

To clarify this situation, an athlete once again drew attention to the elder, but as he saw in Baku in 2017, he was so extreme: "We have emotions. We walk in both ways, both man and emotions. It happens when something happens and you will be happy, if you are not happy or offended, they will go another way.

"We are going to fight here for something that represents the world. We are all a little bit upset about the dreams we've had with small children jumping over to the F1 motorcycle. This is a big issue to fight for a F1 car race and then fight for victory. When you do good, you do not have to get a cake, or do not get it if you do not have it. «

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