Tuesday , May 24 2022

Bangladesh has a health problem


(MENAFN) this month, 31,538 cases have been reported from Bangladesh, up to 49999 in the country.

Figures show that from January 1 to August 16, 49999 patients and 40 died, compared with 10148 cases in the country last year and 26 deaths, the General Health Directorate (DGHS) reports. Ministry of Health.

DGHS data showed 1719 new Dengue Diseases and 759 Daka incidents, from Friday 24th to 8pm local time.

Medical institutions in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country reported that the number of new cases has decreased since the last week, taking measures against Aedes breast disease in several types of mosquitoes.

The first case of viral hepatitis was registered in Bangladesh in 2000 and 100 people died in 2000-2003.


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