Friday , January 21 2022

Djokovic returned to No. 1 in the ranking for two consecutive years


Novak Djokovic returned to Monday # 1 on Monday, he has been in the team for two consecutive years and is confident that he will be the first person in the ATP rankings this season after the group-20 season.

As a result, Rafael Nadal won in 2018. Nadal reported on Monday that he had been abnormal injury from the ATP final and that he had performed an arthroscopic surgery on his right foot.

Djokovic will be the fifth winner of ATP, with Roger Frederher and Jimmy Connorce taking second place after starting computer performance in 1973. Pete Sampras has reached six records.

"I think about what happened last year, this is a great achievement," said Djokovic, No. 2 last week, and No. 1 in November 2016. "And, of course, I'm very, very happy and proud. Five months ago, if you had told me … it would have been impossible to bear in mind that my rating and judgment were felt in court. "

31-year-old Serbia has fallen from Serbia in May 22, and after 6-6 rebounds it has been restored to the right after surgery. In 2006, he was 22 when he was a teenager, and he did not take the lowest place.

But Djokovic has been open for 43-5 years, including the Grand Slam title in Wimbledon and after reconciliation with Marian Weig, a long-time co-founder of the United States.

Djokovic raised a big trophy up to 14 years, linking Samras with the third place in the history of men's tennis, and behind the federate with Nadal, 17 years old.

Marat Safin, the last person to go from 1 to 20 in one season, was No. 38 and No. 1 before the 2nd place in 2000.

"This season's Nova must be one of the coolest sports combinations," said ATP CEO Chris Cornell. "It was a phenomenal return that was hard to imagine six months ago."

Nadal was disturbed by a stomach muscle problem on Twitter on Monday, which forced him to leave the Parisian masters last week. And as he did not compete in the next season in London, he is currently conducting a liver transplant.

He competed with the retirement from the moment he retired against the US semi-final against Juan Martin del Potro.

The 32-year-old Spanish will face 45-4 records in 2018 and five titles, including the 11th French Open Championship in June.

John Isner replaced Nadal in ATP Finals.

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