Sunday , August 14 2022

Ethiopia appoints former opposition leader to election commission – New Business Ethiopia


Ethiopian reformist Prime Minister Abi Akhmed, who is trying to hold the elections free and fair in May 2020, will appoint former well-known opposition figure to head the election commission.

Former Judge and Opposition opposition party Beitlaan Middacka was arrested in 2005 after nationalist elections in Ethiopia.

The decision is made in line with the promise of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to improve the electoral process in the country. He pointed out that the Prime Minister's office would demonstrate the readiness of the government to strengthen the electoral commission, independent of the election and its political commitments in May 2010.

After his release, he resided in the United States and returned home several weeks ago to support reform by Prime Minister Abia Ahmed.

As his supporters, Silence swore in the morning to serve as chairman of the Ethiopian National Election Commission in Parliament in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian government, which has been criticized for violating human rights abuses, has replaced former rebels in power in 1991, and has recently appointed educated women in the key decisions after Prime Minister Abi's arrival.

The prime minister has recently given 50 percent of the cabinet's position of highly qualified women appointed as Defense and Peace Minister responsible for all security issues in the country, as well as several weeks prior to President of the Supreme Court.

Many people already ask: are women 100 million suffering? Ethiopia is a rich nation with poor people? Or will it normally work under the influence of men?

When his public profile worked for the federal judiciary, Birtan was appointed as a judge at the 3d district court of the federal first Instance Court.

At that time, he chaired the high-profile case of Former Minister of Defense and high-ranking officer of TPLF Sue Abrahah, charged with corruption.

He released the defendant safely, and a few minutes later the authorities were amazed when he was arrested along with his family and friends when Siamese was arrested.

The party has decided to join the political party, including recognition of the rule of law and full respect for the implementation of the constitution.

He joined the Ethiopian "Rainbow": the Democratic and Social Justice Party, and then the Movement for Unity and Democracy (CUD) movement. In 2005, the party won a third of the seats.

Members of the party consider that they have taken a lot of time, not counting the votes and violations. After the election, the governing party raised the head of opposition parties – Birtukan, who was accused of life imprisonment, trying to overthrow the constitutional order.

In 2007, he was pardoned after lengthy negotiations and spent 18 months in jail with other opposition leaders to prove it.

Not long afterwards, he created the UDJ (Democracy and Justice for Unity) with CUD-guided principles. The need to obtain a new party name was caused by the transfer of the ruling party's election committee to a group that had been assigned to the CUD (Kinijit aka). The United States was elected as the Chairman of the UDJ, aiming at peaceful settlement of Ethiopia.

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