Saturday , January 28 2023

Ethiopia: Look, but do not go back



We are not often told that we are a problem. But that's not right. We have this problem.

Many ideological debates on our country and the world are easier, even those who want to live in narrow bubbles. However, there is an idea that something is wrong.

The tragic reports of innocent civilian casualties, their lingual culture, and death in different parts of the country are an indicator of collective responsibility for the challenges in society.

I've been living in these regions for almost a decade, even though I was not born, and felt innocent, even though I was not born. However, the linkage between communities was probably too small because of the difficulties it is facing today.

My colleague noted that at any time in his life, he felt that people are keeping their ethnic identity. The next day, the official representative of the national TV channel touched upon ethnic and frontier relations of the population.

Will he solve the problem as he plans to solve these issues in a procedural way? Would We Change Our Flag? Is there enough referendum? What does this really change? Why did our nation enrich our lives and why our whole life began? How do we know that it is so remarkable that we can no longer go further? Has our history and personality been different?

However, today we have been with many internal conflicts related to administrative demarcation.

But it is important to avoid such a situation. From now on, the only way we can have any dignity is to work together to solve our problems.

Going to the village, Amric and Oroimbaus went to the schools where two main languages ​​were taught and taught. Having sufficient resources, associations can work on it.

Why does the fight against resources become stronger when the economy has the potential to create better opportunities? Is it not clear that we can generate more resources through human resources productivity, and we hope that we have extracted mineral resources or land?

For some, we can choose magic to go back. Past Utopia has never been recovered. The children died when they were born, many were illiterate, the winners at that time were few, and the disease and the conflict broke the descendants.

The solution is to recognize that we have a problem. For a long time, most of us have been dominant over air trafficwaves with half-truths and have intensified now. We should not say that we are very offended by those who hold different opinions.

Even when it's not on television or in the social media, we need to be polite. Everyone needs a home, a social media group, and an office. Each of these ignorances has to fight, including ourselves. Our state is fragile, emotional, nationalistic, and other Islamic do not allow it to be solved.

In my opinion, it is now a public conversation. But this is my fault. We are in history to date to improve our history. Although some people think this is a step toward rebuilding a real history, I hope this is the last step in the past if we look at the future with confidence.

Hanna Haile ([email protected]) An Ethiopian writer and social worker. One of the organizers of the poetry Saturday. Addis is the stage at the Feyenoquie Cultural Center in Abeba and at Terr Bar and Havas in Havas, during the first and second Saturday of each month by artists' art.

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