Sunday , May 29 2022

Ethiopian police found 200 migrant workers



Ethiopian police have seen about 200 people in the country near the border with Somalia and Oromiya.

Last year, hundreds of thousands were deported by violence.

According to local media, Mogila faces cruelty during the former president of former Ethiopia's Somali former president.

Abdi Mohammed is awaiting trial on charges of ethnic violence.

Lieutenant-Colonel was charged with murdering regional security forces in Somalia and Oromia.

Police have attempted to identify 200 bodies.

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Mohammed was forced to retire in August and was detained several weeks after violence in the provincial capital, Gijgiga.

During his thirteen years of rule, he watched widespread offenses, including torture, rape and murder.

Last month, State broadcaster Fana reported that she was out of the window trying to get out of the police custody and left the window.

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