Sunday , October 17 2021

Ethiopia's Tadix Magazine Cases Detained Over Corruption and Corruption

Prosecutor General Berhanu Tsga told local journalists that he was due to be prosecuted for five months. (Photo: Fana Broadcasting)


Ilyas Mesleret

Ethiopia, Ethiopia – In Ethiopia, 63 law enforcement officials, military men and businessmen have been detained on alleged offenses and corruption.

High-ranking prisoners held in recent days are the result of Prime Minister Abiyah Ahmed's order to conduct investigations for several months on the example of the previous government.

The Attorney General, Berhanu Tsga, has been charged with massacre by some of the prisoners as "beatings, compulsory confessions, sodomies, rape, persecution and even killing."

Some of the detainees are accused of misappropriation of a military corporation belonging to the state, Metal and Engineering Corporation, stealing into a few billion dollar corruption schemes.

Berkhanou also said that the head of the Ethiopian former spy was suspected of attempting to kill a new leader on the rally on June 23. Even though other filmmakers have fled the country, the former head of intelligence now lives in the north of Ethiopia and has to come to power, he said.

Opposition spokesman Yilicale Getet told the Associated Press that the public has been detained by former officials.

"In this opposition, we have always had problems," he said, pointing out that Ethiopia needed the truth and reconciliation process to investigate past mistakes. "The ruling party can not justify all these evil."

Ethiopia, a prominent allies of the West in the former government, was convicted of human rights violations. 42-year-old Abi, who came to power in April, has given new government permission to release thousands of political prisoners and allow opposition groups returning to their homes, abandoning terrorist charges against authoritative opposition politicians, and acting freely in the media.

In spite of the reforms, ethnic clashes continue in some parts of Ethiopia and pose a serious threat to Abyssinian leadership of East Africa's 100 million people.

Amnesty International welcomed arrest.

"This arrest is an important step in ensuring the full responsibility of the country for several decades of imprisonment," said Joan Nianyanka, Director for Eastern Europe at Amnesty International. "Many of these officials have been under the leadership of government agencies that are incapable of brutal violations of human rights, such as human rights abuses and torture, including confidentiality. We demand the prime minister's government to take additional steps to ensure that all previous human rights violations and offenses are solved, and we ensure that all detainees are transferred to justice. "

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