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Fastfood has doubled the number two type of diabetes in children Kolkata News

Colcata: In the last ten years, the number of adolescents with type II or adult diabetes has doubled and will reach 2 per cent of the 18 populations in the city by 2023, experts say. According to a number of leading endocrinologists collected by NGOs, if the current growth rate continues, the epidemic will be the next five years. And they blamed the availability of fast food through their delivery programs that consider themselves potentially life-threatening as they can increase their diabetes mellitus here.

12% of all residents of the city believe that they suffer from diabetes, which is an exponential jump of young patients suffering from serious health problems, experts say on Wednesday, World Diabetes Day.

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Interestingly enough, the state celebrated it the same day as the Day of Mass. Diabetes has not yet been addressed, but it does not pay attention to the silent killer, "said Caushik Biswas, Endocrinologist at the Medica Superspecialty Hospital. "Previously, we were worried about juvenile diabetes, but most young people under the age of 20 have Type-II diabetes. This shows the beginning of lifestyle factors that affect our young population. Minor diabetes is not responsible for obesity, but nutrition and eating habits. This is a very dangerous situation as the level of awareness is low, and if you get ill earlier, you will have less life, "said Bisswas.

Senior pediatric endocrinologist Dai agreed in Apollo Gleneagles hospitals. "At present, less than 1% of people under the age of 16 have diabetes. But the vast majority is of type II. Over the last 20 years, radical change in the fast urbanized lifestyle is responsible. Young people have been frustrated by physical activity, but their eating habits have deteriorated. Fast food is currently consumed. and the traditional Bengal or Indian diet was rejected. Delivering food programs and services has made it easier to purchase delicious, but harmful food, "says Dei. He noted that the number of young patients of type II was "phenomenally growing" and that there was not yet a specific study to determine the rate of growth. "We need to have certain numbers and come closer to the authorities, and measures are taken," he said.

To raise awareness of the disease, working NGOs have called on the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of the Child in Western Bengal, "Awareness of Disease and Disease (DAY)." It is important that some endocrinologists tend to be more likely to have diabetes than the other regions of the country. "It is prone to diabetes in the eastern part of India and throughout South East Asia. We need to keep track of our diet and have something to display. Unfortunately, the diet of Calcutta is not right, "Dei said.

Experts believe that a 30-minute walk and a proper diet of calorie were mandatory. "We have to make a political decision to fight illness. Or every third child will have diabetes for the next 15 years, "said the endocrinologist.

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