Saturday , October 23 2021

"Ghana should not be opposed to Ethiopia"


Exclusive: Former striker advised against the Black Stars team facing Valias in the Afcon qualifier.

Ghana has the potential to address issues related to Africa's qualifying tournaments in 2019, but former captain Kwasi Owazi said that one should be careful not to stand against Ethiopia.

Black stars took the third place in three finals and scored four points after Kenya. Any result that won in the remaining two matches will not allow him to quit the tournament for the eighth consecutive year, starting with 2006, on charges of Kwsi Api.

"It's a game that has proven to be a part of Ghana, or not," Owusie told Goal.

"Because Sierra Leone is no longer a part of FIFA's selection, black stars say," We have to end our dream of entering the AFCO Final, as Addis Ababa should not even think that winning is not easy. Win or repeat the 5-0 defeat against Ethiopia in their first game before their fans.

"The Ghana team has several players, who still have a great deal of competition, so it's a great opportunity to help and ensure their qualifications, and play wholeheartedly to save the future. To encourage many games, I wanted to get something for myself so that I could remember after retirement.

"I have achieved a lot of exciting goals in the decisive games and came to consult with many young footballers who know my past goals," he said.

Ovusima, who ruled Ghana in Afon, in the 1970s in Sudan until the year 2013, was a temporary striker in a country that scored 36 goals before Asamoa Hyan's hard work. The forward of "Kaisarispor" has scored 51 goals.

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