Tuesday , January 31 2023

Helps improve your baby's body's immune system to clean it


The idea of ​​breeding your baby's key may take a long time, but new research suggests that your child will benefit from the immune system and prevent allergy.

According to the study At an annual scientific meeting held at the American College of Almaty, Almaty, Washington, DC, Washington, DC, parents are trying to cure the use of other methods, such as hand washing, as a method of healing children. the first year of babies' health.

According to researchers, parents sent the correct microbes from their mouths to their babies.

According to research conducted by Henri Ford, a health care provider in Detroit, a 18-month interview was conducted to investigate how they chose to breastfeed.

72% of the respondents have been cleansed by handwashing, and 12% reported that they were parenting suckers.

The mothers who chose the latest technology came from low levels of immunoglobulin, the type of antibody that emerges through the immune system. This has shown that the immune system is at increased risk of developing allergies and asthma.

"We have found that the parenting suction suck depends on the levels of IgE that started in 10 months," says author of the study, Allergist Edward Zoratti.

He emphasized the need for further research to confirm the cause of the relationship. "We believe this effect can be due to the removal of microorganisms from the mouth of healthy parents."

Leading Eliana A. Joueud tells the children that early advancement of certain microorganisms can help to increase immunity.

"We know that certain microorganisms can stimulate the development of the immune system in the early stages of life and can protect it from allergic diseases later," he said.

"Parents who nourish a child without parental care can be examples of microorganisms that are useful to their young children. Our study suggests the relationship between the child's embryo and the parents who suffer from low levels of IgE, but this does not mean that the patient will reduce the suction. «

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