Thursday , October 21 2021

Kenya: The Harambi Stars are in front of Afko in Europe Camp


Harambee Stars can send a weekly three-week camp to Europe before heading to Cameroon for the African Cup (Africa), which will be held in the morning time from June 15 until July 13th.

The men's national team is close to breaking a 15-year jail term after winning seven points in four stages in the tournament.

Kenya is a seven-point team of the F group, followed by Ethiopia in the third place, while four-time Ghana has the third place with three points. The last two fights are held in Addis Ababa, five rounds of combat.

The stars were planning to play Sierra Leone this Sunday, but the fights of the federation were suspended by the African Football Confederation (Caf).

If Sierra Leone, who has lost three matches, is dropped out of Café's selection, Kenya will go straight to Cameroon in the next year's match until March of Ghana.

"We have kept our fingers in the Sierra Leone condition, but we are the perfect team that will immediately release our qualifications," said Rashid Echesz, Secretary of the Sports Department.

He added: "If we know as the ministry, we have been planning to camp in Europe for at least three weeks, so it's time enough for us to come, we do not come to Cameroon, but compete. «

Stars already buy tickets for the 24th team competition, guaranteeing almost 50 million officials.

Cash is distributed between players and the Echesa technical cabinet.

Former Harambee Stars Coach Jacob "Ghost" Mulee has led Kenya's 14-year-old Afcon appearance, meaning the team's moral amplifier.

"The camp in Europe will improve teamwork, and the coach will spend a lot of time on the players," says Moulee, in the United States before playing Cape Verde in Africa in 2004.

"I remember losing to Bolton 3-2 and lost to the Northern Ireland team, but we were encouraged to blow at home (Cabo Verde) at home."

The Football Federation of Kenya (FKF) Communications Manager Barry Otieno said that this step will improve team performance.

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