Friday , June 9 2023

Leopard's new coaching banks are delighted with the new signings


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2018/2019 AFC Leopards 2018/2019 SportPesa Premier League (SPL) The club's coach Nikola Kavazovich hopes that Zimbabwe forward Michelle Katsvairo and Rwanda's international goalkeeper Eric Ndashimiyya will be in control.

South African giants Kaizerwei from Singer United of Kaizer Chiefs from the team of South Africa have been playing for 90 minutes in the team standings, holding the second match against Vazito today at the Camp Tuyoyo.

Ndayishimiye saw the match after sending it to the earliest days of the day.

"He (Katsvairo) satisfied me in 90 minutes, he gets a contract," says the Serbian tactic.

"We have signed a lot, but this club remains a secret. Some of the players who had been in the past season and were not part of this team were not on my plans, "said a 43-year-old coach who replaced Rodolfo Zapata from Argentina this month.

The team lost the veteran trainer Ezekiel Oder, who was missing from training sessions.

"Some young players get the chance. I have to improve these groups of players to adapt to their special requirements and gaming mode, "he said.

Ghana's Prince Prince Arhkh, striker Rai Omony, defender Marcus Abwao and midfielder Clyde Senji were dismissed at the end of June, and the winners of the 13th round Kenya's international defender Michael Kibwajeg, 23, lost to Kenya's commercial bank (KCB).

Leopards, on the 8th of December, winners of the SportPesa Shield in Machakos, opened the season against Kariobangi Charks and helped Clark Achuka, the forward of the youth team.

The fifth tier of youth team, Nikola's assistant trainer, Serbian Marco Vasilevic, will be accompanied by legendary Bonifas Ambani.

"We focused on the youth team and decided to train two or three young players in the team together with the elderly to get a day-to-day experience," he said.

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