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More than 40 military generals and spies have been detained in connection with METEC


Cinema Dagnaw _ METEC
Kinfe Dagnaw
Source: ESAT

November 10

Today, in the capital, Addis Ababa, more than 40 high-ranking managers (and many generals) have been arrested and the largest corporation of military corporation corporation METEC (Metals and Engineering Corporation) has been arrested, the Ethiopian reporter reported.

Reporter Mathek's Senior Manager and Scouting Officer, referring to anonymous sources, met in the Kingdom Hall near Imperial Hotel in Gorki, called Amoraw.

The uncertainty of arrests of officials and the list of arrested officials are still unclear.

However, they were detained by a police commissar in Addis Ababa, where former President of Somalia was arrested.

Vazema's report this week revealed that the government was conducting a very secret investigation into corruption cases, as corporation redistribution is under way.

During the meeting with members of the community in Abi Ahmed Gander, Aali Ahmed's administration appeared a few days after he was informed that the leadership in the army had undergone radical reforms in terms of leadership in the team that had dominated the ethnic Tigris. In a report yesterday, Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) named "close ties to the prime minister", more than 160 military generals were ceased.

METEC invests in a number of industries, but has been active in construction and engineering industries. However, the corporation is often accused of ending the project and condemning large corruption.

Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw, who led the corporation as director in April 2018, after defending Prime Minister Abi Ahmed as prime minister in the ruling party, has recently defended METEC in the media, and the Ethiopian corporation was corrupt and incompetent.

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