Thursday , July 29 2021

Pakistan Beat in New Zealand at 2nd ODI, 1-1

Initially, the team management checked the tomography of the 22-year-old boy and said that they would be monitored within the next 48 hours.

Nevertheless, Pakistan's Cricket Board (PCB) has shown that scanning at a later date did not cause any damage to players.

"Imam al-Haqq has scanned everything, joined the team and remains in the Team Physio competition," wrote PCB.

Shahan Shah Afridi has written the best bowling alley in his field and Fahar Zaman has helped Pakistan win a series of half a century.

Shahin's 4-38 detained New Zealand from 50 to 209-9. The time has come back to 88th place for seven and fifty.

Ross Taylor has won 86 points with the top 120 players for New Zealand and added 75 to the fifth match with Henry Nicolles, who scored 63 points.

Pakistan won, in 2014, defeated the UAE by 2-3 times and lost four-year loss to the 12th Black Caps international championship.

New Zealand will be in Abu Dhabi, 2-0 (New Zealand in 2015), 2-0 (New Zealand in 2016), 5-0 (New Zealand this January) and the first match of the current series in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

The winner will also participate in an interesting final match in Dubai on Sunday.

Pakistani captain Sarfaz Ahmed says, "We played again and chose the team.

"We saved them to the bottom of the Shahin, and then Fahr and Babar were so good."

New Zealand striker Kane Williams admits he has no team to defend his team.

"It's a little rid of us," he said. "It was not enough here, we were taken out".

At the last six-day international tournaments, Zaman, 57 poorest, has punched New Zealand's bowling with 11 frontiers and started running at 54 speeds to Pakistan.

Zaman did not interfere with imam's defeat; he scored 101 points with his second goal with Babar Azam. Both of them played at Ferguson.

Ferguson, who finished in 3-60 and then, when Shoib acquired another successful attack on Maliki, was hit by Nichols' hand and was detained by Sodhi.

Sarfraz falls to 13, but Mohammed Huffez has won 27 points to win.

Previously, Taylor-Nichols lifted a new Zealand, after winning the highest award after 4-46 in the first match after Shakhen won.

Sahin released Kolin Munroni, who was causing the damage to Columbus over the second ball that Haesz was hit by.

The next time, he stepped straight out of the strike, running Kane Williamsson.

At the second speeches, Shahin met Tom Lethmom, who had fought George the Worker at the age of 28 at New Zealand in 73-4.

In his first game, Taylor, 80, was attacked and together with Nicolas were over 200.

Hichan Ali finished 2-59 on the 38th place after Nichols finished.

Taylor has made six explosions for one day's international competitions for three suspects and six in half.

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