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Pebble Beach Motor Week is not an event for budget travelers, nor does it increase hotel prices


Participants and Judges 1966 On August 21, Sunday, California, Peble Beach, Pebble Beach Concours drove 1966 Ferrari 330 P4 Drogo Spyder in Elegance.

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The annual Pebble Beach Concours d 'Elegance is characterized as one of the most famous, sophisticated and classic car halls in the world, with its ten-day old car lovers, regardless of their individual preferences.

Thousands of people have come to the coast of the typical quiet Monterey Peninsula called the Pebble Beach Car Week, but this is not the case for those with little budget. Tickets can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for various events, such as "quail, motor racing".

"The arrival of the Monterey Peninsula at any time of the year is expensive, but especially on a car week," said Ken Gross, an organizer of classic motor vehicle incidents and a longtime judge at Pebble Beach Conours.

You can walk to the peninsula, fly or drive. California's gas is already one of the most expensive in the country and the CA-1 station on the coastal road to Los Angeles has ordered a $ 5.89 gallon for the premium gasoline gear required for many high-performance models. The average price of premium gas in California is $ 3.88 per gallon, reports AAA.

Aston Martin sold James Bond to RM Sotheby's auction.

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Finding a place is the next headache. Most transport days require a four-day minimum booking for the Car Hire, as well as raising prices to astronomical levels. Quail Lodge Resort and Golf Club are available at $ 1800 a night for a standard room at weekends, according to the order. Other times of the year will be between 200-300 US dollars.

"A cheap hotel around Monterey is $ 300, and a good hotel costs about $ 1,000," said Charlie Wogham, a regular car attendant, asking for $ 989 for taxes and charges after finding a Local Embassy Suites. Although he was in the morning on Friday morning, he had a room left.

"People I know know that they can not find a room or because they are so expensive, they are about 60 miles away," says car analyst Vogelheim.

There are plenty of things to look after at Pablebike, more than a dozen showrooms, auctions, motor events and four days of classic competition at Laguna Seca Raceway. Family members who are not leading can find many things to keep themselves free from falling off the coastal road or going to Monterey Aquarium.

But there are several things for free, especially for classic car lovers. One of the smallest events is Carmel Mission Classic, at San Carlos de Bormomeo de Carmelo at $ 55, but includes a taste of wine and a souvenir glass. Rolex Monterey's meeting begins at $ 170 per day for a four-day entry, but the Flagroom runs up to $ 450.

Entrance to Pebble Beach Concours costs $ 375 for air tickets, more on the gate. The quota starts at $ 950, but there is an exclusive, $ 2500 Plato ticket.

"It's worth it," said Brendan Claire of California, Dabbland, a longtime Pebble Beach carmaker for several years. According to him, the hotel will cost five times its price during the event. "It's a great jump," said Clay, but he could not do anything.

Bugatti Centodieci

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"For me, good things in life are not cheap," said Peter Borer, Executive Director of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel, headed by Quail Lodge. Demands are strong since the 17th anniversary of the charity eventthousand and as an alternative it is necessary to increase the number of attendees by changing relative vacations.

The more expensive it is to attend a weekly weekend, those who want to participate in a week's event plan a very good budget. Purchasing a car to Pebble Beach leaves thousands of people to hire a carrier specialized in exotic and rare cars, according to the Court Judge Gross.

There is a real preparation to win. It often happens that "cars" are often used for cars requiring "restoration" while owners are rarely discussing what they are putting on the project.

But winning cars on Sunday, Gross, and other classic car makers can push millions to become the winner of the Best Show at Pebble Beach Concours D & # 39; Elegance.

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