Wednesday , October 5 2022

Prince Charles speaks at a dinner in his birthday in Great Britain


Prince Prince Charles named him "duchy original" on the day of his 70th birthday and the heir of the heir to be compared to anyone in history.

At the Buckingham Palace party, the 92-year-old monarch set a toaster for his son and her heir, to his family, friends and European royalty members.

"It is a privilege to offer toast to her son the 70th birthday," she said. "This means that you have lived long enough to see your child grow up.

"Using this similarity – and I'm sure – to plan trees and control their cultivation.

"My mother saw that she was 70 years old. And when you hear that he is 70, you have to hit them if the candles in your oven have had a great deal of recent breathing.

"For 70 years, Philip and Charles have been awarded a honorable and honorable successor to compare the history of Czechoslovakia, the bronze medalist of nature protection and art, the great philanthropist.

"The most important thing is that his wife Kamilla supported her, her personality, passion, and creativity. So, this toast is my birthday, and on the other hand, the original original. You, Charles. To the Prince of Wales. "

Prior to this, Theresa Mei praised and praised her "common" obligations.

The Prime Minister, who opened the Mustafa Debate to mark the event, said that the heir of the throne "has refused to come to an unexpected expectation".

Respecting her role as her dad, she says: "Raising your child is never easy. When they suffer from an early age, they have a hard time.

The Prince of Wales holds a birthday together with Cornish Dussing

The Prince of Wales, Cornwall Hall, is celebrating his birthday at the Spencer House in London. Photo: Steve Parsons / PA

"So today, Prince William and Prince Harry make their way to the world and grow their families, and I know that when I say that this is a real loan to my fathers, I will speak for all of us."

Jeremy Corbin is well-known for his national views, and highly appraised Charles's commitment to public service and charity and his special interest. He said: "It may seem strange to many, that it is the greatness of His kingdom and there is something in common: both of us, when it comes to career advancement, do not delay it, its role."

Mr. Corbi showed the prince "consistently loyal to our natural world, which is often overlooked." "The principle that the royal family is above politics is very important.

"Prince Charles attaches great importance to the scientific truth of climate destruction as an ambassador to the country. I think there is someone on the planet that can convey this message to the President of the United States of America [Donald Trump] – Prince Charles could do the same.

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