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Son and heir: Prince Charles has slowed down at the age of 70

Charles used his 70th birthday to commemorate his work until his longest-serving royal successor in the history of Britain. In any event, he used this time to redefine the role of a full-time job and speak fluently on matters that he cares about. Many predecessors have seen this opportunity as low profile and enjoyed royal merit before the Crown responsibility.

Kenneth Dansmuir, director of the Khanzada Foundation, outside the Dumfries House on CNN, said: "I think you can easily understand Prince Wales. "You can see what it's like, what kind of work you're seeing, and what type of place you see."

The house was built as a 18th-century fairy house, in the midst of a large, flawless building, with community activities. There are no gates. Public members are free and meet with them when Charles is going to examine himself.

The prince was 70 years old
House Dumfri in Eischir, Scotland.

CNN has been featured in a high-tech scientific laboratory built by the trees, organic rare breed farms visiting school groups and pig-shaped, compressed pigments. Unemployed adults learned traditional handicraft in the renovated palace. All projects are focused on social and environmental issues closest to the prince's heart.

Prince Tastes are here presented with initiatives to support young people without discrimination, and initiatives that help to achieve the most demanded cities in the 80s that have never been fully recovered from the decline in coal production.

The inside of the house is a precious collection of furniture that was purchased directly from Thomas Chapmandale through the fifth stage of Dumpford in the 1750s. The collection includes something that is considered to be the most valuable furniture in the world, with a real estate valued at $ 30 million. One of the seats used during CNN's visit was one million dollars. When asked why this precious chalet was accidentally cured, one of the employees replied, "They should be used here."

This valuable philosophy raised by the prince is something that is exciting. It is designed not only to be a part of the community, but also to be a living, breathing project that adds to it. Prince Charles rescued the seventh Markus Butt, who was unable to save the house. He re-opened the prince's interest as visitors.

The Dumfries House is currently the largest employer in the country after the local government and has recently funded a new city and outdoor pool in New Jersey. Every Friday, the prince visits a tens of pages of immovable property reports and returns the next morning.

"Young adults are worried about social issues, social issues and environmental issues," said Dunhams. "All this has made it possible for them to further develop and promote these ideas since the time they became Wales's prince. (Dumfries House) has united many aspects of the Hanzada Foundation's charity initiatives that it is a fantastic material heritage of this work and that it will always remain.

The King of Great Britain, King Charles, promised not to intervene

The House of Dewfrey as a Prince of Wales could have been a project that depicted Charles's legacy, and we should not show him how the king would be. The Senior Assistant said that the prince felt his duty to use his platform to encourage his cause, which would be the head of state. She knows two roles and "her intentions and intentions to change her position in the next role."

Of course, there is much to his life. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was respected for her popularity, despite the collapse of the British Empire and her authority in the community. It was up-to-date and has become popular with public opinion, the use of media and charity work. He has rarely commented on any of his views, except political views, so we do not know what to think about it.

We are so proud of Wales's prime concern that it is a much more divisive figure and is not forgotten when it comes to the throne.

He has spent a lot of time on the issue and warned of the danger of becoming a major problem in the 70s of climate change and is still continuing when it is a political issue for many things.

Large portrait of Prince Charles at the Young Entrepreneurs event in Accra on November 5.

In a speech last week in Ghana's Accra, the Prince said: "I, Mr. President, have come to realize that I should strive for the Commonwealth's vitality in the lives of its citizens and rely on your unique lines. Professional expertise that offers practical solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, many of which are closer and deeper integrated, and no matter what matters most to the climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has provided even more sophisticated and dangerous evidence that even 1.5 degrees of heat can cause catastrophic damage to planet ecosystems, and we have a clear signal that we all need to be heard. "

When Charles was a king, Charles would become the head of the Commonwealth.

He re-instigated a group of powerful regional leaders in Nigeria. After the meeting in Abuja, Kano Emiri contacted the Prince and told CNN: "He is talking about climate change, he talks about demographic pulses, he talks about urban planning, and we have three issues, for example, the conflicts we have not established.

Prince Charles will take part in a meeting with regional leaders in Abijad on November 6th.

The Prince was particularly interested in his work on youth unemployment in the region, despite hopes that he could not see much in the country. The British government has gone to the city of Ios in central Nigeria, where security is on the scene of clashes between Christians and Muslims.

"The only tragic thing for me was that I could not access other parts of Nigeria," CNN CNN quoted Prince Charles. "I know that there is a great state and many other states and areas of interest, and I know that most of them are facing different challenges and other opportunities, so unfortunately, they are unlucky to do so, and they always come here. People are very kind, I am interested in, for example, they develop really interesting ideas, they can be things in business and the like, help us solve some of the specific issues we encounter in the environment and waste What good over there knows quite amazing characters.

At the age of 70, Prince Charles put his future role into "more ideas," says his senior assistant, CNN, especially when it is unable to talk about it, but "does not hurt his shoulder."

If he feels any pressure, he seems to have completed his work as the Prince of Wales. It redefines the responsibility that it inherits, and in that sense it has inherited it.

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