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You have to love Shahid Khan's hawks. Fulham's owner responded by saying "I do not believe" using the "Touch-Tips and Tricks" program at the door called "Do One" at Slava Jokanovich, and we will be remembering less than a month. all the "and" equipments you read have surprised, surprised, and disappointed. MSM suspected in turn. Horai! You tell them, Shahid! Fulham did not have to escape from the man who sent them to the Premier League! Who denied this trash? Oh? Oh? Anyone? Good? Ok. Shahid! How did it go?

Of course, it always seemed to Khan to be so thick that it was not surprising to Jokanovic, when he heard the Italian gentleman, outside Kraven's cottage office, on Wednesday. Serbia had to know for some time that it had posted on the wall, and Djokanovic and Claudia Ranieri immediately set out to rescue Fulham from humiliation. "Claudio is at risk and ready for the Premier League," he laughed. "His recent work with Leicester City is quite legendary."

Legendary, maybe the voice of faith from the Khan. However, you can not trust anyone you read, especially when it comes to the Fulham program, a harsh reality – there are many complaints that Djokanovic has lost his job. Fulham scored five points out of the first 12 games, played 31 points, and in the past few months, 2007-08. Their defense was very intense, and they did not win a league game, leaving them at the center of the table after spending £ 100 million from 973 new players in early August. Frost is good and well-established.

Ranieri, who wrote his contract, is capable of rescuing them all in their ability to be called "one of the great heroes of the game." Of course, Fulham hopes that Wes Morgan and Danny Drinkwater will be the league champions in 2016 and bring them to the magic touch, which they have stolen from the table. West Londoners acted decisively and only three points from the 17th Southampton match on the 24th of November. Ranieri, who left Nantes at the end of last season, has a history of team upgrades and is able to prove how he ended in Leicester. You never know, Fulham probably relates to something; We do not believe in Felix's trust in Magath and Cheese. If it does not work, at least we can look forward to Jose Mourinho's special CR trajectory.


On November 26, 2011, David McNamara was suspended for 21 days on charges of "not acting in the best interests of the game" – FF. After leaving Manchester City captain Stif Hottton and Reading commander Kirsty Pearce in their changing room, they play rock, paper, and contrast games to determine who will be making their WSL match.

A great web site's recreational unit is a great weapon.

A great web site's recreational unit is a great weapon. Photographer: alami


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"Since 2005, I've had The Fiver publishing in the Inbox. Is this the longest Fiver ever kept in his inbox? Whenever I read the Kitty, I saved it every time I made the world a little paint. "- Rob South.

"Claudio is at risk," said Fulham's owner Shahid Khan, who won more than 50 people, including three of the 15 top management appointments. I know Claudius (if you are not Greek), but Shahid Khan was unable to transfer his job to Ari Nednap, so we could manage him out of the jungle. "- Nobel Francis.

"What? Do you really want to be called "Honourary Yorkshireman" (Tuesday beats and bobs)? Can we expect Garethe Southgate to replace his vest with pants today? (Clearly, there is no money in the pockets); Do you want to bathe in the tube and petrol? "(John Miles).

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Marco Arnoutovich, who has strengthened his reputation in West Ham, is eager to look for the Big Cup. "He should play for the best team," his brother and 15% lauded Daniel.

Christian Pulisic is one of the pianists from Dortmund, and Chelsea is in the next queue.

To Chelsea?

To Chelsea? Photo: Patrick Stolts / AFP / Getty Images

José Mourinho is the best coach in the world, says Diego Maradona. "He is the best, without doubt," he said.

Southampton midfielder Pierre-Emil Hoybrager says at least Charlie Austin's post-match competition will take care of him. "Charlie was angry and, of course, it could be funny [but] which indicates that it cares about players. I hope we do a lot, "he said.

This is an international weekly news: Maruille Fellini, although not before Thursday's birthday, cut off her birthday hair.


What team did you wear in nine different combinations in one season? She knows.

Premier League want to £ 5m to Richard Scumarore Go to Paul Wilson.

Quiz! Quiz! QUIZ! How much do you know about Wayne Rooney? Find out here.

Martin Launceston can teach perfumery about the Premier League's competitiveness in La Liga.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg makes the appearance of the second Fiver everyday, and Simon is on the list of Premier League Premier League players.

Composite game: Raised.

Composite game: Raised. Composite: Getty Images, Rex / Shutterstock, PA, Action Images, Reuters

Who is the youngest player in QPR with the X factor? Eze, Ben Fischer, says this is Eberechi.

George's son Timothy, can Wahah decide the United States? USA !! US Problems? Answer Ryan O & # 39; Hanson answered.

Oh, if that's your thing … You can watch the Big Web site on the Big Social FaceSpace site. And INSTACHAT, TOO!

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