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The flu stopped at an average of 400 pounds over the age of 65


The experience of doctoral dispensaries in England in the past decade had to have an average of about 400 influenza patients aged over 65.

NHS In England, 45% of people over the age of 65 are vaccinated against flu this year – 69% by November 30, 2017.

This GP experience should provide 2.5 m patients – about 400 practices – at the end of the month should correspond to the absorption of more than 65 people at this stage of the flu season.

This was stated by Chairman of the GPC Richard Wahrthree GPonline It is said that the vaccine against the influenza 65 over the age of 65 will be vaccinated against flu at age 65.

Vaccination against influenza

His Comments NHS reported that vaccine supply was completely completed for all the timely orders delivered because healthcare service is "the most effective in the world."

This year, the influenza vaccination program has been amended, with the advancing trivalent influenza vaccine (aTIV) for the first time presented to patients aged 65 and over. ATIV vaccine fund – FLUAD – was distributed to sales and pharmacy, 40% was sent in September, 20% in October and 40% in the last month.

Dr. Wahriff said: "It is unlikely that it will be delayed compared to last year as we have only received 40% of the fund. So, I hope, after reaching the practice, we can appoint and collect patients.

"Doctors and practitioners improve their levels in the winter to ensure that the patients are protected from the influenza in the winter."

Comprehensive influenza season

GP leaders have come out of the season of "serious" influenza in winter due to different vaccines offered to different groups of exposed individuals. Also, some GP operations fought to deliver the vaccine after the FLUAD orders were not fulfilled in September.

GPonline Earlier this year, as reported in the winter of vaccination campaign, the leading pharmacy chain had to halt its vaccination.

However, Waverly NHS is confident that 75 percent incentives for people aged 65 and over in England can be met this winter. In the winter, with the purchase of 73% of NHS 65, it did not reach its goal.

"In my opinion, incentives for patients are always a key," said GPC Chairman. "Promoting patients to benefit from the vaccine, and then encouraging them to participate in their appointment is the most important thing, so experiment is trying to see and simplify their level.


"We are linking NHS with England to assure the immunization campaign to encourage patients to rise directly, and that they now prove that immunization is available, so we make a much more clear message that patients are now in a safe meeting and a safe time."

Dr. Vauerry believes that GPC has received no complaint from FLUAD's deficiency after delivery this month.

He said: "We are confident that all of them have been sent now. Now, I think, the experience will have enough equipment to meet patients' needs. "

David Sally Davis of the UK CMO said: "Flu can be killed and the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and the people around you. More vaccines are available than in the past, and I try to contact all people in a vulnerable group at their own doctors or pharmacy to pick up the ampules.

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