Wednesday , June 23 2021

The new study: 109 mln. East Africans have Asian and European DNA lifestyle

The new study says more than 109 million East African Americans have Asian and European DNA.

These studies show that at least 25% of East Africa's population is closely linked to the two continents.

The African Exponentials This study reports that 4500-year-old "Motto Man" is based on the first DNA control. This turtle was found in the Ethiopian cave.

According to the report,East Africa's population today accounts for about 25 percent of the Eurasian generation. "

This skull was named play

The skull was named "Selam"

(REUTERS / Euan Denholm)

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How Asian and European DNA came to East Africa

This event is a great migration from Western Europe to East Africa about 3,000 years ago. At that time, these migrants made up a third of the population in the African region.

As a result of the research, 437,690,591 people of the United Nations have been estimated, with a total population of 109 million people living in the entire region. East African Africans are considered to be carrying Asian and European DNA.

Reaction to the report, Dr Andrea Manica, Senior researcher Cambridge University said: "The wave of Western European migration could have been on the horn of Africa, which could have been about 30 percent of the people living there, and that was a mystery to me."

Ethiopian-Hawlands Mota cave and bone were foundplay

Ethiopian-Hawlands Mota cave and bone were found


He says,We have a direct window with an ancient genome. "

The results of the study were found Journal Science.

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