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The New "Unclear" Pikaku Debate is a roundtable on Monday


Three cinemas and television studios were chosen to cast their latest trailers online on Monday, which is much more than the love of the week. The only one, every trailer is fun, but their combination of nerd allows us to see what's going on in the three world premieres.

This year's Veterans Day explosion is important Detective Pikaku, live action (and brutal western) is a popular video game. This topic is a few things. First of all, as in the game, Pokemon lives on the luminous set of the universe and the "all-series" games and anime notes. This means that familiar characters like Ash, Daisy, Brock or Team Rocket have no sign.

Secondly, the film focuses on a special version of Pikachu, which speaks the same language as people, but only its best friend can hear it … and they help solve riddles. In this case the young man looks like a secret around the lost father, and his disappearance has taken away the child as a Pokemon trainer.

Officials Detective Pikaku trailer

As you can see in the gallery and trailer above, the film is otherwise found in the world filled with Pokemon, and we see Nintendo's attempts to get married with real-life actors and "sincere", more precisely, attitudes towards the poker room. Picacoulos, in particular, looks like an invisible cod, and other popular poker characters have their own unexpected CGI style. (For example, Pludeck's plastic appearance reminds George Lucas of the 80's Learn a duck dolls.)

I would like to say this is the cognitive dysonance and the sound of Ryan Reynolds from the sound of Picasso Detective Pikaku at least a movie movie. It will begin on May 11, 2019.

Officials Player History 4 Carrier trailer

Disney-Pixar receives a CGI show-trailer debut Player History 4 on Monday, but this offer has a very zero plot. TL: DR: The familiar Toy Story characters laugh and move slowly until the new hero appears. This is a speaker and a new member of the crew shouts: "I'm not a toy!" and then sends the player to the system.

Maybe we can only buy a toy player, or something else that can awaken when Annie's world is different. We look forward to seeing more "summer 2019" to find out.

Officials MST3K: The Gauntlet trailer

In the last folder Theater of Mystery Science 3000His second Netflix season was announced several months ago. So far, we knew that the show combines comedians (Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt) and voice-activated robots, and we know that this second season comes with six cinemas on Christmas Day.

We know what films are currently being presented, including the most famous tragedy Mac and Me and the modern "mokbater" is a garbage fire Atlantic Rome. In addition, all movies take part in the show's "glimpse into the gym" in the universe. As this series is about torture by Johnam and his robots, Netflix is ​​hitting a "binging" reputation as Netflix's burden.

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