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11 steps to reduce cancer risk


In the Cancer League, a list of 11 cases of reduction of the number of cancer cases by 40% was made.

"We have more than 1,000 cancer cases in France every day from 1000 to 1100 in 2017 death is stable It's time to call for a general mobilization to be effective because of treatment, "said Christoph Lerous, Director of the League for Cancer Control. First League meeting 11 "flagship offers" This will help fight cancer attacks.

On the same topic

Cancer may be transmitted from generation to generation.

According to the League, "at least 40% of malignant neoplasms are prevented by the action or environmental factors". It includes other measures:

  • Build up Common medical record (DMP) is a sheet of cancer that covers three components: environmental threats, environmental threats and exposure leaflets on habitats.
  • It is necessary to spend 10% of the national health expenditures for organizational prevention (these costs are currently 3%).
  • Raising alcohol prices and cigarettes acting on the tax on these products.
  • Create a "nutriscore" labeling to report risks associated with some products (household, phytosanitary …).
  • Systematically distribute 20% of the amount allocated to intoxicants for preventive research.

Double the occurrence of viruses

Another attempt of the League: the number of malignant tumors "viral" is divided into two, papillomavirus or hepatitis virus. It encourages boys and girls especially to HPV virus, to encourage free vaccination in high school. Creating information campaigns screening for hepatitis.

Finally, the Cancer League creates special tools for the second episode of cancer and recurrence.


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