Wednesday , June 23 2021

A few weeks later, after he had been cats, he died of rabies

The British, who was the dog's dog in Morocco, died on Monday.

La Voux du Nord, who died of rabies on Monday after a cats frown on a Moroccan cruise. The public health organization in England used this situation to warn travelers about the dangers of contact with animals.

Incubation up to three months. This death took place a couple of weeks after the Tsar's death. According to the healthcare professional, Jimmy Whitworth, a doctor and a physician, reminds us that the symptoms may be interrupted for a period of three months after contact with an infected animal.

The importance of vaccine. However, sometimes the disease can be reported as soon as possible. Therefore, vaccination should be supported immediately after vaccination. What will not do to the victim who dies on Monday? At one visit, the English Health Organization recommends that you do not touch animals. Since 2000, five rabies cases have been registered in the United Kingdom.

It is often tragic. Rabies kills 59,000 people every year and opens on the Pasteur Web site. This affects the nervous system. Neurons can not function in the heart or breathing. After the first symptoms develop (absorption, anxiety, agitation difficulties) after the coma phase are very effective.

A child born in France in 2017. The disease is often given to dogs, but the virus also appears in the cracks in the European continent. "Since 1924, there is no evidence of a man who has been bought in the French capital in the French territory. In 2008, Guyana reported an injury, reports Pasteur Institute. The last disease in France is related to this disease, a 10-year-old boy after Sri Lanka.

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