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A small series of TF1 inspiration, Kad Merad


The actor will show the fantastical character inspired by the fugitives suspicionChristophe Lamotte's next TV movie.

TF1 doubts the dome before releasing its next TV movie. Mini Series suspicion Xavier was inspired by the story of Dupont de Ligonnès, but his name was not. Led by Christophe Lamotte, tells of Alice (Lorens Arne), who opens a single episode of 45 minutes, her husband Thomas (Cad Mear), who is really Antoine Duich-Jelosse. Suspected man was suspected of killing all his family without any loss, and he had spent fifteen years supervising Sophie Lansel (Géraldine Pailhas). After a prisoner is arrested, he is a victim of justice and is trying to prove his innocence.

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Dupont Ligonnès is difficult to associate with, since the main suspect, who has not yet found his father, killed five members of his family. "We do not enter the retail business, we postpone the business," says Clement Sentils, West France . Madon Fur, who oversaw the fauna, has determined that every day the scene is going to the temple. Did he have a recent police operation in Warsaw to find Xavier Dupont Ligonnès? It's too early to know. The mini series will be released from December 3 to December 21 in Vanna and in the Auraj district of Britain. Production is looking for additional tools for participating in a TV movie.

An event that is disliked by the TV

Director Christophe Lamotte in 2014 collaborated with Kady Merad in a drama Not in winter. It is the next dramatic genre after its implementationInsoupconnable , adapt Autumn Together with Melville Pouffud and Matthew Hill. Recently, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes inspired the movie Paul Sanchez has come back! , A thriller signed by Patricia Mazoui confirms the return of the criminals (Laurent Lafitte) to the place where they killed the whole family.

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In December 2017, Guillaume de Tonquedec lost commercial disapproval of its 1 million euro microphone. "We probably have sleeping Dupont de Lagongnes. Maybe we can all be the same. This is a terrific violence character. The secret of this character is a special thing for the actor, "he said at that time.

Recently, Dupont Ligonnes spoke on TV for its adaptive M6 channel. Director and screenwriter Pierre Aknin announces a series of mini-series with his partner, Ann Badd. The project is being recorded. "We are writing a lot, we have been working for a year and never depend on it. The symbols have different names. Nantes should not be shot. We are looking for truth, not truth, "said Pierre Aknin West France last April. The director says he wants his own TV movie "Xavier Dupont's report on Ligonnes's parents, his wife, money and religion." Even the title was found: "The perfect person."

Meanwhile, a private channel is documentually distributed on the case. theme Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès: At the beginning of the suspect, this program will be based on Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes editions.

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