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Abu Dhabi GP: Robert Kubica, hell


Abu Dhabi – back! Eight years later, after a severe injury, Robert Kubica hired Williams next season to next season, and continued his career in Formula One.

«The journey was long and I was full of emotions, and next year I realized that I was in the net between 1 of the twenty-form drivers."Said Cleveland's June defender Abu Dhabi GP. at the Catholic Pole in the announcement that he was in the Yas Marina network.

«Robert showed outstanding qualities of courage and courage"Said Williams' senior assistant, who had been a reserve driver for one year.

After eighteen months of testing, Williams was not convinced with Renault. Having been born on December 7, 34 years old, Kubica remains a prominent filmmaker.

They "we serve the development of our next machine"Assured the daughter of Sir Frank Williams, a permanent founder of Troya.

Out of the test, the last appearance of Krakow's native land is GP … Abu Dhabi, in November 2010.

With Renault's color, she took the 5th place.

– Photo of the Pope –

From February 6, 2011, many things have changed in the Ronde di Andora Rally near Genoa, which has been a victim of the violence in Kubica.

Whoever participates in the rally,become a driver and learn more"He lost his right hand and even his life.

Thanks to long-term rehabilitation, he was forced to change his style of driving, including his 2014 World Rally Championship.

The pole was not close to death.

In 2003, he was captured with eighteen titanium screws and was hit by a passenger vehicle collision.

In 2007, at the Grand Prix in Canada, he struck a wall over 230 km / h. Kubica Money 75G. He is doing this with the beams, for some have shouted through the helmet of the Pope John Paul's helmet.

A year later, he won the F1 Grand Prix and won the 4th place in June 2008, becoming the world's ruling champion.

Before the Ronde di Andora drama Kubica came to F1 to achieve the best time of the winter trials, and in 2012, the contract was in Ferrara.

– no steering wheel –

Also, Scuderia offered to be a driver in 2019, but decided to find the full-time.

Polish Brazilian Felipe Massa could replace the name of Williams in 2018, but was welcomed by Russian Sergei Sirotkin, the most generous private sponsors (€ 15 million against Kubica at 10 million in June).

Moscow did not completely quit its season for a one-point period, and Kubica could now claim for less than EUR 13 million from the Polish oil-processing group PKN Orlen, which was a challenge.

Her happiness hides the small expectations of Esteban Okon, who, despite being two and a half years, is well versed in F1 in 2011.

Canada's Lance Stroll really takes its place in Racing Point Force India, whose father, billionaire Lawrence Straight, purchased the head of a consortium of investors in August.

Okon will become a Mercedes-Benz fleet and currently flies in 2020. She hopes that her expectation will be reduced shorter than the one returned.

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