Tuesday , August 16 2022

Annabelle Varane, media star, but has never been anonymous in Mauritius


Some of them go to hospitality at hospitality. – Laurent VU / SIPA

When you miss, you forget your identity: you play your own zone. In Mauritius, where a departure trip takes place, it has a address with Limousin, Picardy or Corsica. And if
Annabelle Varane, Sister
a football player with a known name, he is no exception. Here is the "Nord-Pas-de-Calais". There is no simplified patient.

Probably, apart from the media, he waited patiently for his first interview. "My name is of interest," said the young woman who was interested in her region, winning three times in the last four elections. I am proud of my brother's career and my family. «

«It was not prepared beforehand»

To explain that he is the last member of the four children, the elder brother, a pharmacist and a lawyer brother. "They are very scared and demanding. One way to avoid the question: "Did your brother prepare you for a meeting with the media? He also tells about his younger brother and sister, one of whom, like his son, is a football player and the other wants to be a doctor.

And despite his failure, he started spontaneously at the end of the summer. It was not pre-made. "I used modeling, but it did not work," says Varane. Because I was selfish, I went to the Dunkerque Miss, where I did not live, because it was faster and more convenient for me. I love Miss France, and I've always seen magic. "Especially because the elections were held at Lille, it was" delighted ".

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