Saturday , January 28 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Renal Damage


Thanks to the work of American researchers, artificial intelligence has been developed. The last 24 hours before reanimatologists can cause kidney damage.

An artificial intelligence that can detect kidney damage

Scientists from Northwestern University and the Texas Health Science Center have created a new artificial intelligence (AI). It can be predicted 24 hours before renal failure in patients with CVD. Indeed, this type of patient leads to the destruction of the kidneys system and develops this pathology that can cause death if not discovered in sufficient time.

Scientists have worked with a stronger AI with clinical signs of 40,000 patients. They have combined data on sex, ethnicity, age of patients, and the level of creature recorded within 72 hours prior to treatment. Thanks to this information, artificial intelligence has achieved good results.

For example, during testing, he identified 50% of the risk of kidney damage in 24 hours after treatment. Therefore, this new method is considered to be very reliable compared to other known methods. This AI can further improve its results in the future by developing its own database by incorporating clinical records from other patients. It can improve its medical forecast to achieve a higher percentage of income.

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