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At the time of the accident there were four victims


This Thursday, after closing press, is a repair worker at the PSA plant in Mosel. This is sometimes the cause of death, for example, a week ago in Bordeaux, a man working in the field of construction, strawberries of three thousand tons of metal. It's ten days ago, a finger cut off at Picardy's industrial site. The manager of the company, who took a few pounds of baggage during the loading of the truck. This is another major catastrophe in the sugar factory in the Louvre in October. The car driver was found dead under the bucket. These are particularly reflected in construction, transportation, or personal care "20% of accidents at work"Pensions and Health Care Funds.

In general, 632 918 accidents were registered in France last year, which resulted in severe or less severe consequences. It increased by 1.1% compared with the previous year. But the number of employees is growing, which means that losses will decline by 0.5% during the year (33.4 per 1000 employees in 2017). This decline is particularly noticeable in the construction industry «3% more» the frequency of the accident, even though it was too high (56.8 per 1000 employees). On the other hand, the situation with personal assistance and temporary jobs worsens.

Employees are 2.5 times more likely to be affected by frames

"One in four people got injured during their career", an INSEE warning strike on Thursday. In detail, in 2013 (the latest data from the statistical agency) "Twenty-six percent of the workforce recalls that there were at least one work accident, except for accidents that resulted in injury to people who work or work." The most common cause of accidents (28%), machinery and equipment (22%) and overload or excessive force (17%).

Not surprisingly, workers have an average risk (which is up to 40%). More than 2,5 times more than in managers (16%). Among employees two (22%) and intermediate professions (25%). Accident risk also varies by subject area: "There were frequent incidents in construction workers (42%) and transport workers (34%), agriculture (32%) and industry (31%),– said INSEE. In financial services this is only 13%. Due to sexually divisional trafficking in men, men are twice as likely to be males in the workplace (35%).

Random working conditions

Another inequality is that people who are experiencing difficulties often experience such disasters. Under certain circumstances, there is a high risk of accidents when working conditions are difficult. Thus, in the latter case, when 18% of the injuries are injured, this proportion increases to 28% for people who work normally or make heavy movements. For those who suffer from severe fluctuations, this is even 38%. 31% for chemical agents. And 30% for people with heavy loads.

In case of a particular accident – 2017, manual handling of loads due to simplified actions due to occupational precautions, unhealthy forms, mechanical vibrations and hazardous chemicals. The result is that these risks, which are deprived of the possibility of accumulating "difficulty" scores in these reports, can not benefit from early retirement. Occupational illness and disability does not exceed 10%. But later, we are grateful to the Minister of Labor who promised the draft law on labor protection, and no further preventive measures will be taken. Summer of 2019. It is a project that will allow the implementation of the project as a pension reform Reopen Debate Discussions, As requested by CFDT.

Amandine Cailhol

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